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    I have a few questions about advanced user interface frameworks.

    Are there any frameworks that are built on Swing or others (like in .NET for example) that provide advanced functionality such as building softscreens (using XML), wizard management and manage the presentation flow and structure? I know a few of these areas have been tackled, but I'm curious to know if there is anything more comprehensive and complete.

    If no frameworks exist, is there a website that at least looks at such an architecture? Perhaps I could use that to see if I'm missing anything from mine.

    Basically, the application I have in mind is extremely volatile. An application screen can change, be added or removed at any time. In fact, there are so many screens as it is that you can't hardcode them all (at least I think it would be wrong to have the structure of such screens hardcoded into the system). What I'd like to do is manage the structure and the specifics inside an XML file. Then I could code up a screen that implements a custom Screen interface and then just initialize it via reflection after reading it in the XML file.

    I'll also want to do more complicated things like each screen having a menu set and also containing sub-screens and stuff like that. I'd also want to be able to add components. This would be a mixture of XML features or just making a good composite-like structure.

    I'd also want the ability to make 'softscreens' since many of these screen's aren't complex, but actually doing the code and making seperate classes for each would be a real waste of resources. I'd like to code up these screens in a higher-level XML document that is 1-1 with a screen (so they are in addition to the general XML document that simply manages the structure of the user interfaces). The main XML would just point to these XML files instead of a concrete class.

    Lastly, I'd like to chain various screens into a wizard have components that manage screen data, wizard data (global to the wizard) and then have access to data outside the wizard (occassionally needed).

    Has something like this been done before? Any frameworks available (as already asked)? Is what I'm asking not very practical? I see it as being a good 3 day project to build all of this, but if it's already done, I'd rather not build it and save some time. thanks.

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    can anyone help?
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    can anyone help?

    Hi, it may not be the answer to all your questions, but have a look at the Caleigo Foundation Builder at
    It functions as an advanced tool for rapidly generating Swing applications on top of an advanced application framework. One of its strength is the ability to alter its behaviour and presentation at runtime. You have got to see it to understand what that means.