InfoGlue Open Source Content Management Platform 1.1 Released


News: InfoGlue Open Source Content Management Platform 1.1 Released

  1. We are happy to announce that after a lot of work we have completed the work on version 1.1 of InfoGlue. The new release includes many very important enhanchements compared to 1.0 (see changelog below).

    The InfoGlue community has released version 1.1 of InfoGlue Content Management Platform. InfoGlue is an advanced, scalable and robust content management platform written in 100% Java. Key features includes full multi-language support, good reuse between sites and extensive integration capabilities.

    Changes since InfoGlue 1.0:

    New Features:
    - 729806 Slow version when many assets
    - 702233 Sorting column data
    - 710266 Being able to delete version of a content
    - 731241 Delete contentVersion
    - 718931 Improvements in contenttypedefinition
    - 713905 DigAsset language fallthrough
    - 728764 Change so we use context-files
    - 710274 Better cache-selection
    - 738768 Upgrade the sql-scripts with new contenttypes
    - 739900 Being able to generate image from string
    - 742354 A converter-method
    - 741393 Fewer confirmdialogs when entering languageversions
    - 741386 Mass publishing
    - 744173 No check if tomcat exists
    - 710272 Special handling of metainfo
    - 745459 Include GPL-license everywhere
    - 785201 Enhanch the dns-entry for multiple sites
    - 710256 A test/status page for system
    - 718102 A form editor
    - 705215 Simplified content editing via clicking on preview site
    - 787850 Support relations between contents
    - 749971 Installer improvements
    - 748180 Improved wysiwyg editor in IE (inline images supported)

    We also included a alpha-version of a new task-concept that enables you to script common tasks inside the tools. More on this later on.

    Bugs fixed:
    - 765772 Consider browser-versions on component cache
    - 783833 Install on W2K
    - 764371 name of the content
    - 757711 Suspected cache-problem
    - 799547 titles containing apostrophe break javascript
    - 804204 Deletion of repository
    - 741399 Using dropdown to change to another languageversion
    - Wrong behavior when canseling a lang. switch
    - 808352 delete content button Plus many more not listed on sourceforge buglist.

    Visit the InfoGlue Home page

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  2. Wow -- great stuff[ Go to top ]

    It is highly unusual for a Open source business application to be so well documented and look this great !! Very impressive software with great documentation !

    I wonder what Fatwire, Vignette etc. have to say about this !!
  3. Uses WebWork 1.3?[ Go to top ]

    From looking around in your CVS it seems you use WebWork 1.3?

    Tell us more about the technology behind the product...
  4. Uses WebWork 1.3?[ Go to top ]


    We have choosen to build the entire application around other OS-frameworks and components. We have, as you guessed, Webwork as our MVC-framework for the action-layer. We are very happy with it's concepts and above all it's simplicity. We currently use Apache Velocity for the template-mechanism both in the tools and for site-building but are planning to support JSP later on.

    For the database-layer we use Castor (from exolab) which is great in my opinion and lets us support many databases. We have thought on moving on to Hibernate as it seems to have a greater momentum but we have not yet decided.

    All in all we are extremely happy with all the frameworks we have used so far. We also plan to incorporate Apache FOP, Lucene and perhaps a Workflow-framework soon.

    If you sign up on the developer-list you can read our initial design and architecture document describing the model and architecture a bit more.

    Mattias Bogeblad
  5. JSP or Velocity[ Go to top ]

    simplicity. We currently use Apache Velocity for the template-mechanism both in the tools and for site-building but are planning to support JSP later on.

    What are you impressions of Velocity vs. JSP? Are you moving all of your velocity templates to JSP or are you just adding support for JSP pages?

    Ben Rady
  6. JSP or Velocity[ Go to top ]

    I like velocity far better because of the simplicity and the strict controlling of that the developers don't start coding java inside the templates. We will probably only add support for JSP and keep the Velocity part as well. JSP might be default later on for the site templates but that is not yet decided.

    Mattias Bogeblad
  7. VERY VERY COOL[ Go to top ]

    Great stuff! Exactly what I was looking for. Good job!
  8. InfoGlue: I am impressed![ Go to top ]

    Downloaded it a moment ago, installed within 1,5 minute!
    Looks very slick and seems very functional.

    I worked on a very large scale CMS project using Divine Content Server (which the admin interface kind of reminds of, coinsidence?), and that was hell to work with due to awful architecture of the product (in my opinion). I wont go out on a leaf just yet about this one and say its brilliant (I just installed it for god sakes!), but from the looks of it you guys have done an excellent job!

    Tackar för en lovande början, det verkar lysande. ;)
  9. Take a look at[ Go to top ]

    Take a look at Open CMS. Open CMS is an open source content management system being used by lot many European companies. (please look at

    OpenCMS 5.0 is pretty matured and has lots of features as comparable to commercial Content management systems. It's pretty easy to install and you can quickly get up and running with Tomcat.

    I haven't seen such a good free content management system.

    Cheers - Rajender Sriramoju
  10. InfoGlue: I am impressed![ Go to top ]

    Hi Wille,

    Glad you liked it initially. We have our aim set high but there is still many things left to do. As you will notice when working with the platform the structure-tool is probably the weakest link at the moment. It's concepts can be hard to get for beginners although they are very powerful for more advanced users. However - we have great plans for a much better and more intuitive version soon which will lift the platform another level.

    If you work with infoglue some I would be really interested to hear what you find god/bad compared to other CMS:es you have worked with.

    Mattias Bogeblad
  11. InfoGlue: I am impressed![ Go to top ]

    It cant well be worse than Divine, or that would probably be Fatwire since they got aquired I think? :)

    You said that you have strict control on code in the templates: my experience with (then) Divine Content Server are all but good in this aspect: it pretty much FORCED you to code in the JSP:s, since all java-classes that might be usefull were obfuscated to be non-usable. The only way to get access to a lot of functionality were through either jsp-tags, straight queries in the jsp:s or a horrible homebrewed xml-tag language..

    I think that says pretty much everything..