Coefficient is a J2EE open source project based collaboration platform. Coefficient currently provides basic collaboration tools such as discussion forums, file uploads, news, tasks, and voting as hot deployable modules in a themeable presentation layer. In addition, Coefficient provides a workflow engine to help guide projects through their development cycles.

These user definable workflows can, for example, insist on votes being taken at specific points in a project, can automatically generate tasks to be assigned to project members, and can automatically generate file upload areas for these tasks.

All of this functionality is provided through a themeable web interface allowing the site owner to hot deploy different skins to provide a visually appealing work area for contributors. Coefficient's framework is based on innovative tools such as AspectJ, Hibernate, Velocity, and Castor.

The platform executes all business and presentation logic as modules. Modules in the system are Session Beans. A module contains its own data classes and persistence mechanism (currently the project is using Hibernate, but this is not a requirement). And the system is currently using Velocity templates for presentation (this is not required, it is a convenience). Core modules of the system provide the project environment, user management, and other site related features. The extension modules augment a project or the site as do workflows.

Aspects are used to keep track of site metrics. The system has been tested with Postgres, MySQL, and Oracle, but since it is using Hibernate it should work with all DB's supported by that project.

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