Riflexo released JCredo 1.0, free compliant JDO implementation


News: Riflexo released JCredo 1.0, free compliant JDO implementation

  1. Riflexo released JCredo 1.0 Standard Edition, its free 100% compliant JDO implementation, together with JBuilder integration, full JDO open source code example and support services. This new version of JCredo already includes some JDO 2.0 spec. features such as named queries and advanced features like built-in L2 cache, prepared statements caching and batch execution, full support of Java collection framework, native SQL support in queries, query extensions and transaction flushing. JCredo 1.0 can be downloaded with free life-time licence on jcredo.com, until 31 December 2003.

    Riflexo also gives access to a fully featured web application code example in order to show the practical implementation of JDO. The Senat example is a discussion forum, which is functional and robust enough to be used in a production environment. It features how JDO delivers the "transparency", minimizing the gap between the domain model and the core java object model imposed by a database model, as well as the use of JDO in a web server environment and the access to JDO core services in managed environments. It can be used by developers as open source sample in web site applications. Senat code sample can be downloaded for free together with JCredo 1.0 on jcredo.com.

    Developers can also subscribe to a new JDO Expert Forum and post any issue related to JDO - independently from the implementation, database or application server they use – to get answers and techniques from JDO specialists on how to optimise their programming time and improve persisting data and O/R mapping performance through the use of JDO.
    For a list of JCredo 1.0 features, see http://www.jcredo.com/home/jcredo-features.jsp

    Visit the JCredo home page

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  2. JDK comatibility?[ Go to top ]

    I just noticed that it requires JDK 1.4

    Is it true? Or only required for JBuilder8 integration.

    What about older JDKs? In particular JDK 1.3.x?

    I would imagine lots of developers are still using 1.3...
    Wonder if anyone cares to reply...
  3. JDK comatibility?[ Go to top ]

    Yes, lots of developers do use JDK 1.3 - usually because of some specific dependency in their other software versions (perhaps an old app server version) rather than because of any perceived instability in the latest JDK 1.4 versions.

    Now those JDO vendors who have had implementations available since JDO's standardization 18 months ago will probably offer JDK 1.3 support, but then their early implementations were probably engineered on that version.

    There is a cost of supporting JDK 1.3 - the "lowest common denomenator" effect. Although technologically possible I doubt that this cost would be worthwhile for Reflexo. (Of course, someone from Riflexo might reply that they already do support 1.4...!)

    Kind regards, Robin.
  4. JDK comatibility?[ Go to top ]

    Hi Ruslan,

    JCredo was designed for JDK 1.4 and until today, we've had no request to support previous versions. Therefore Riflexo has no plans to support older JDK versions.

    Best regards
    Emmanuelle Girodet