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    Here is what I am hoping someone can explain to me... I've developed EJBs, Servlets and general pages, so I am not a complete novice, except in this particular area...

    Web site domain name registration... I am a bit confused about what exactly this means.

    As far as I understood, there is some entity out there that is responsible for keeping track of registered domain names. There are tons of companies that sell the service of registering you with that entity. So, let's say, mywebsite.com, will be registered to you and no one would be able to use this name on the web.

    These registration sites keep talking about DNS, email accounts, email forwarding, web hosting and so on... How does this all work? Do they tie the domain name to some IP address? What happens when I want to switch who hosts my site? The new host reties a different IP address to the domain name? How is this all related to DNS servers (who owns DNS servers?) and email accounts?

    Could someone enlighten me about this please?

    And in general, what should I look out for when choosing a company to register domain name with?


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    I recommend you read the faq section of http://www.internic.org/ as you will find most of the answers to your questions.

    Additionally when choosing a domain name registrar company, you should lookout for support, online services (changing dns, password, accessing email,...) and prices. Checkout http://www.networksolutions.com I believe this one is well rated.