BEA adds performance monitoring to WebLogic Server 8.1


News: BEA adds performance monitoring to WebLogic Server 8.1

  1. BEA yesterday announced the WebLogic Performance Monitor Console Extension (WL PMCE), an extension to WebLogic Server (WLS) 8.1, which adds machine resource monitoring, log file monitoring, network service tests, threshold monitoring (with an event/notification system), and more.

    Check out WebLogic Server Performance Monitor Console Extension and documentation (PDF).

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  2. Nice but ...[ Go to top ]

    I appreciate that something like this is available from BEA now.
    Unfortunately it lacks two things:

    (1) Does not work with Weblogic 7.0, which is a bit of a disappointment
    (2) More critical, it does not record.

    The second point is a real killer. There are some commercial tools available that allow online monitoring but what you really need most of the time, is tell your boss what went wrong at five o'clock in the morning an why. Statistics and alerts are not a sufficient tool for this.
  3. Nice but ...[ Go to top ]

    If you want to do this, try the WebLogic Resource Monitor - a free download from the BEA dev2dev site:
  4. Nice but ...[ Go to top ]

    The recording features are very important especially where detailed auditing is necessary in a project in terms of resource utilization and activities. We are currently facing a situation like this in our application where client would like to keep track of each and everything happened in certain resources.

    Anyway, it is nice to see an extension like this

  5. Preview to Purchasing Dirig Products[ Go to top ]

    After trying this out, it's really a preview so that you will purchase the Dirig products. The Performance Monitor pack has the basics (i.e. CPU, memory, etc), but when you want to extend it to something for your own application (e.g. adding a new threshold) it will redirect you to Dirig's site.

    I'm glad BEA's released some functionality here, but I'm afraid in a deployed enterprise app, this will not suffice.
  6. Performance - Monitoring in Weblogic[ Go to top ]

    Yes i understand the logs are very important in enterprise area. Can someone help me out in locating me a tool to find out the performance monitoring of Weblogic Application Server.
  7. Hi Karl, you were disappointed that the Performance Monitor Console Extension doesn't record, I assume you mean that it doesn't provide access to historic data. I heard that Evident Software, which does performance monitoring for distributed systems, has released a Weblogic management pack for its product -- you can check it out at It supports Weblogic out of the box and has time-series and historic measurements, as well as real time monitoring. HTH