Google JSP Tag Library 1.0 Released


News: Google JSP Tag Library 1.0 Released

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    The Google JSP Tag Library 1.0 is an open source project that uses the Google Web APIs to let developers and designers incorporate Google queries, search results, cached pages and spelling suggestions into any JSP site.

    Check out the Google JSP Tag Library.

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  2. Noisy[ Go to top ]

    There is this jroller guy, Fred Grott, he could really use the spelling suggestions part. But if the maximum of 1000 calls which Google allows is enough for his sort of spelling skills ... only god knows.
  3. Not much exciting, I have to say. Most of the job, I guess, is done by google APIs. Is there something I haven't seen?
  4. I must say that even though this api doesn't offer much fuctionallity over googles own it is nice to see that there exists good services that we as developer can use. I would like to se a authenitcation-service that I can have my server to query about who the user is and then authorize if s/he has rights to see my pages.
  5. First step for real webservices?[ Go to top ]

    What does Google's tags have to do with authentication on your site???