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    Hai all., I create a Simple Stateless Session bean. I am using one html and one servlet to invoke that bean. When i tried to access the Servlet i got a Http Error code 405 .Resource Not allowed. I am not using the Role and other Security Issues.What is the Error am i commiting?.Can anyone help me in this case...
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    Can you be more specifics? what app server you are using? Have you check the configuration?
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    Hi Carson.,
      I am using the J2EE as my Server. First i wrote the Home, Remote interface and the Bean class. I wrote the Setvlet and the HTM page to access the bean. In the servlet i created the Remote reference.At first when i am not using the PortableRemoteObject.narrow() method it is not working.When i used that method it is working fine.Now my doubt still persists in the Entity bean. i am getting the same type of Error 405.Can you please tell me some good books about the EJB...
    Thanks a lot.