We almost lost JavaWorld?


News: We almost lost JavaWorld?

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    Daniel Steinberg reports that JavaWorld is going through some tough times, and that it was almost lost to the world of Java. He claims: "I'm happy to report that, at least for now, rumors of the demise of JavaWorld are greatly exaggerated."

    He also discusses the JavaWorld past, how he got his break, and great things that they did.

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  2. Perhaps their time is over?[ Go to top ]

    I haven't seen anything amazing come out of JavaWorld for a while. There are high -quality articles that you can read on the web - O'Reilly/IBM etc. - for free - with a better web layout too.

    As I'm sure many of us are aware, they spam with impunity too - perhaps if they went down the spam would stop.
  3. Not too bad[ Go to top ]

    Javaworld really had given some good articles & tips....... so good to the community they stay up....
  4. Perhaps their time is over?[ Go to top ]

    Mind you JavaWorld was always free for the readers.

    I am not aware of any spam coming from them either. I am registered with JavaWorld both as the author and the newsletter subscriber.

    Let's be fair and praise them for their tremendous educational contribution to Java community instead of blaming them for made-up sins.
  5. I consider JavaWorld as one of the top 5 web sites to get some good stuff on Java.They are going to shut down because of financial reasons..

    I heard Sun has made losses in last Quarter.

    What's happening to Java?
  6. We almost lost JavaWorld?[ Go to top ]

    I value JavaWorld because they are serving since long, before TSS, O'Reilly, and many other appeared.
  7. We almost lost JavaWorld?[ Go to top ]

    I value JavaWorld as it is perhaps the only site that deals with client side Java /Swing and other such Java APIs. Not to mention the fact that it is a true Java pioneer.
  8. Reading it regularly[ Go to top ]

    I've been reading JavaWorld articles for years and I'm subscribed to their newsletters as well. I believe that they are the best site for generic Java (because they're not specific as server-side, enterprise or mobile. They deal with all of those...)

    It would be sad to see them disappearing! Maybe we can click on some of their banners while reading ;-)