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    how can you control a thread, if the instance is in another class and the thread you're controlling is also in another class. the error message was notowner something(it's quite long).

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    Did an exception occur?

    Do you have a stack trace?
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    Yes an exception occured ---> NotOwner......
    No I don't have the stack trace
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    You didn't say exactly what operation you were trying to perform when you got this error, but by your error message I would guess you tried something like Object.wait() or Object.notify(). If that is the case, then in order for it to work you must first aquire the monitor of the specified object, as in:

    synchronized(obj) {

    I couldn't quite understand from your message if this is what you are trying to do. If you elaborate on what you are trying to accomplish I could help you with your specific problem.

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    thanks, it worked.