install4j 2.0 Released: Now installs server applications


News: install4j 2.0 Released: Now installs server applications

  1. We at ej-technologies have just released install4j 2.0, our cross-platform installer for Java applications. It can now generate Windows service launchers, Unix daemons and Mac OS X startup items and installs them on the respective platforms.

    Other highlights among the numerous new features are:

    * custom actions during the installation process
    * custom screens for the installer wizard
    * GUI installers are now available on all supported platforms
    * download on demand of a JRE

    For more information, please see the list of features or the tutorials.

    We cordially invite you to download a fully functional trial version.
  2. How's your product better than InstallAnywhere NOW! which costs nada ? Can you spare us of 'evaluating' a full version and give us a comparison sheet for example ?

  3. No, we don't prepare such charts. However, InstallAnywhere Now! is quite feature limited. Just have a look at

    It does not do services, no JRE bundling, no custom actions, no custom screens, no Windows API and ... the installer shows an ad for InstallAnywhere. You really have to buy InstallAnywhere Enterprise Edition to get functionality for server applications. Please compare the prices of that product to the Enterprise Edition of install4j, you'll see that we do compare quite favorably.
  4. Trial version really works?[ Go to top ]

    I download the trial version, it is ironic that the installer doesn't
    detect the jre installed on my machine,keep saying need to define an
    environment varible EXE4_JAVA_HOME, even though I have JAVA_HOME
    and EXE4_JAVA_HOME defined on my window2000 box, even funny is when
    i try to uninstall it, I failed to do so because it need the EXE4_JAVA_HOME
    varbile, now with my jdk1.3 installed, with my jre 1.3 installed under
    a weblogic directory, after I installed install4j, I got stuck in the
    middle, neither can i use it nor uninstall it. is this feature of
    trial version or just a bug?
  5. fixed[ Go to top ]

    install4j needs at least a 1.4.1 JRE to run, so your 1.3 JRE is not suitable. The installer of install4j prompted you to manually locate a JRE or download one. You chose to manually locate a JRE and selected the 1.3 JRE home directory. The bug was that after the manual location of the JRE the version requirement for the application was not checked again. Thanks for reporting this bug. It's fixed now.