What is the meaning of "Serializing calls to bean instances" ?


EJB design: What is the meaning of "Serializing calls to bean instances" ?

  1. "A container serializes calls to each session bean instance. Most containers will support many instances of a session bean executing concurrently; however, each instance sees only a serialized sequence of
    method calls. Therefore, a session bean does not have to be coded as reentrant."

    My questions
    1. What is the meaning of serializing calls here in simple words ?
  2. Only processes one call at a time
  3. I don't think serializing means "one at a time".Serializing means converting the bean to byte stream and sending it as a bit-blob.
  4. Serializing in this context means making calls to the bean one thread at a time, so the requests execute serially rather than concurrently.
    Java also has a concept of object Serialization which serializes object graphs into byte streams, but that has nothing to do with the original question.