Borland announces Enterprise Studio for Java 7 at BorCon


News: Borland announces Enterprise Studio for Java 7 at BorCon

  1. Borland have their BorCon developer conference this week in San Jose, CA. The conference is pushing Borland's current vision: ALM (Application Lifecycle Management). They are showcasing Borland Enterprise Studio for Java version 7, which is a "UDE" (or Unified Development Environment) in Borland's world. They think they have now got an integrated suite, instead of a grouping of various separate technologies.

    They stated that the Studio is an example of them "using engineering to bring together the ALM, rather than using Marketing to glue them together".

    Studio 7 for Java contains:

    - Borland® JBuilder® X
    - Borland® Together® modeling and analysis
    - Borland® Optimizeit Enterprise Suite performance tools

    and it also integrates with:

    - Borland® CaliberRM requirements management and,
    - Borland® StarTeam® software configuration management

    JBuilder X contains many new features, as mentioned in a previous news posting

    The Eclipse IDE was brought up at a presentation, and the Borland speaker replied to the claim that "Eclipse is free" noting that "free" isn't what you think. They said that if you go with Eclipse, you may have 3 plugins for a particular feature. They feel that having one suite, that does one thing right, has merit.

    Why Borland?

    A Borland representative said that you should look at Borland tools as:

    - Borland is pragmatic: The look for real solutions, to real software problems.
    - Borland eats their own dog food: The developers code using JBuilder. They use StarTeam as their SCM tool. They build tools which they want to use themselves.

    Read about Borland Enterprise Studio for Java 7

    News around the net

    This is the 20 year anniversary of Borland. eWeek has an article Borland Looks Back and Pushes Forward
    which discusses the push for ALM, and includes an interview with Borland leaders, Dale Fuller and Blake Stone.

    Infoworld has an article Borland advances ALM goals, which goes into some details on Borland's announcement that Delphi now supports the .NET framework.

    Is anyone attending BorCon? If so, is there anything that you have found interesting?
  2. Hi Dion,

    Are you in Borcon? If so, I would like to chat with you, you can leave message at Room # 602, Marriot.

    Well, this conference is really Borcon.Net, nothing here for J2EE folks. I'm a long time Borland customer, way back since Turbo C and Turbo Pascal. Delphi 1 to Delphi 7 developer and now developing J2EE apps with JBuilder and Weblogic 8.1.

    I'm not religious on technology, .NET vs. J2EE is for dummy's to figure out.

    Anyway, Borland does have great J2EE technology with JBuilder X, TogetherSoft, Janeva and Borland Enterprise Server.

    The ALM products mentioned here at Borcon is no hype, the stuff really works like no other technology out there.

    Anybody involved with large-scale complex J2EE development will benefit from day one.

    Got to go, I'll post more info later regarding Borland's J2EE product message.
  3. Look forward ot more info[ Go to top ]

    Hi George -

    Unfortunately I am not at BorCon. Thanks for your post, and I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts as you see things at the conference.