Atlassian introduces JIRA 2.5


News: Atlassian introduces JIRA 2.5

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    Atlassian Software Systems, released JIRA 2.5, the latest version of its issue tracking and project management application.

    New features summary

    JIRA Professional

    - Internationalised interface - translate JIRA into any language, and have users choose which language they wish to see JIRA in.
    - Greatly improved field management - hide or show individual fields, control which fields are editable, reorder all the fields, edit the descriptions of all fields, make certain fields required. (Extra functionality in the Enterprise version).
    - Bulk editing - edit the components, fix version, assignee, and priority as well as set the values of all custom fields across any subset of issues from a given filter.
    - Customisable columns in the issue navigator - global defaults, and a per user preference.
    - Developer workload report - the new report shows details on a developer's current workload in workdays, broken down by project.

    JIRA Enterprise

    - All features in the Professional version.
    - Field layout schemes - create different field layout schemes (field order, descriptions, required fields, hidden fields and editable fields). Apply to one or more projects, use across different departments.
    - Project Categories - projects can be grouped in categories. The Dashboard can be configured to display projects that belong to certain project categories.
    - Component leads - each component can now be assigned a lead. The default assignee for new issues can also be configured per component.

    To learn more about JIRA, go to

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  2. I love it![ Go to top ]

    i really liek this tool, been using it for a while. I highly recommend it.

  3. Yes me too.

    Also note that JIRA supports Open Source projects which is very nice.
  4. Atlassian introduces JIRA 2.5[ Go to top ]

    Yep, it's a very good j2ee-based issue tracking system, and now Apache Geronimo project uses JIRA as it's issue tracking system.

    Well, Atlassian also supports open source project with JIRA, it's so cool!
  5. portlet version?[ Go to top ]

    Any chance of a jsr-168 or BEA jpf portlet version?

  6. portlet version?[ Go to top ]

    If this is planed, it would be a pleasure for us to collaborate on that.

    We actually run JIRA inside an IFrame JSR 168 portlet.

    But it is quite a big amount of work.....
  7. JIRA[ Go to top ]

    Congrats guys! JIRA is great :)