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       I am trying to implement Session Facade design pattern. Here my stateless session bean(SLSB) delegate call to CMPs.
    Do I need to use separate SLSB for each CMP or what if I have one SLSB which delegate to all CMP's? Please let me know which is better performance wise.

    Thanks in advance

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    It depends on the jobs you want to implement. In general you can call from a Session Bean several Entity Beans in case these are responsible for related data. You can look for an example inside Floyd Marinescu's EJB Design Patterns, chapter "From Requirements to Pattern-Driven Design" where you will see that each Session Bean implements a specific job and these Session Beans call the Entity Beans.
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    You can organize your session facades in any way logical for your application. Performance-wise, it does not make much difference how many methods are assigned to a particular session bean. Group methods into different session beans based on which operations make logical sense together. These methods can use a handful of CMP or a bunch of CMP.