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    Borland has released JBuilder X Enterprise, with a trial downloadable from their website. The smaller, cheaper, developer edition is not shipping yet.

    JBuilder X Enterprise costs $3500 new, or $1900 for an upgrade from JB 9.

    View the announcement: Announcing Borland JBuilder X, and the JBuilder home page.


    For enhanced usability, new features include:

    A new user interface with multiple, dockable windows for faster editing and easier management of editing sessions

    Configurable personalities, to allow the developer to customize the environment so that only features relevant to the task at hand are presented

    Code folding that enables developers to simultaneously view multiple sections of code and thus, reduce the complexity of working with large source files

    Project wide to-do lists and bookmarks to allow easier management of work in progress

    Enhanced refactoring support designed to speed the restructuring of code to improve quality and reuse

    For advanced Web development, new features include:

    A standards-based Struts designer for rapid, intuitive development of advanced web applications using the familiar drag and drop approach

    New TagInsight for JSP™ HTML and XML is designed to speed coding and reduce risk of coding errors

    For advanced Web services development, new features include:

    A visual Web Services Designer designed to create, validate, import, and export Web Services faster and easier through the familiar drag and drop approach. This helps to simplify the task of consuming, creating and managing multiple Web services.

    For advanced J2EE deployment features include:

    New support for the JBoss application server. This support allows developers to leverage the cost benefits of JBoss and the productivity benefits of JBuilder

    A new, two-way deployment descriptor editor with descriptor element insight that helps to simplify the task of configuring and modifying J2EE deployment descriptors for the leading application servers

    Assisted application deployment so that developers can use specific features of different application servers while still maintaining portability. Rapid deployment is facilitated to leading J2EE™ application servers including BEA® WebLogic,® IBM® WebSphere,® Sun™ ONE, Oracle9i,® Sybase® EAServer, JBoss, and the integrated Borland® Enterprise Server

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    Still like to see what is Borland's plan for Together as design/modeling tool.
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    We will be releasing Enterprise Studio 7 for Java very shortly. Please contact a Borland Sales Representative in an office/region close to you for more technical details, release dates etc,.

    The Enterprise Studio essentially combines JBuilderX and Together into a single unified and integrated design & development environment.

  4. "Gosh, how thrilling!"[ Go to top ]

    He said, opening his Eclipse book.....

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    Funny, I fall asleep just looking at the Eclipse cover...

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    They've priced themselves out of my range.. I guess ill be loading up Eclipse and trying to get used to its odd project structuring. I really dig JBuilder but this price is just plain crazy; especially since they appear to have a 6 month release cycle. Release a version the has basic class, jsp, and servlet support for > $200 and im down!
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    IntelliJ is more reasonably priced @ $500
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    Yes but I would say that Oracle JDeveloper ($995) is a better fit for the JBuilder crowd since they are usually looking for wizards, and graphical tools and not just an advanced code editor. I'm not sure that I would put IntelliJ and Eclipse in the same IDE space as JBuilder, JDeveloper and WSAD.
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    I think Borland alientated a lot of developers with it's release and pricing tactics. They did so with me for certain. Total cost of ownership for JBuilder is astronomical.

    Never again. I'll use Eclipse.