performace problem in stateless session bean


Performance and scalability: performace problem in stateless session bean

  1. Hi folks,wat are the performance issues rises if we have stateful session bean instead of a stateless session bean.
  2. The main difference between stateless and stateful ,simply to say,is that all stateless bean is same but stateful is distinct with each other(contain client's information).
    One of most significant method to improve performance ,is using instance pool.That means ,if there is ten client,the server need not create ten instance to handle,maybe only one.As metioned above ,all the stateless is same,when a client's request is arrived,the server can random select a 'idle' bean to handle if bean is stateless.When comes to stateful bean ,the server first store 'info' of the certain bean,then may restore the client's previews info.
  3. was crystal clear......
  4. cnzeng zheng is wise.