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    Can any one share the solution, if you come across the below problem.

    Here is the scenario:
    am using apache tomcat,

    1. Access a domain X and set a value to the cookies and set to response in action class.

    2 So Cookie will be reside in browser.

    3 Again access domain 'Y'

    4 Can i send the cookie which i got in the step 2 to the domain 'Y'.

    Can any one help me in this regard.
    If chance can mail me at

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    Yes,you can do that by creating a cookie object using the following construct.
    Cookie(String name, String value, String domain, String path, Date expires, boolean secure).

    Also class Cookie provide many useful method.
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    I'm afraid you can not!!
    Because the cookie sent to you server side is commited by you brower,if you access domain Y,the brower will not commit the cookie of domain X!
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    Yes u cann't pass the cookie across the domains.

    Thanks for responses - Hari