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    Java Open Source Programming (Wiley) shows you how to leverage a suite of best-of-breed, Open Source development tools to ease J2EE development and build a complete Web-based application. This book review looks at the various technologies covered such as Hibernate, WebWork, SiteMesh, Lucene and XDoclet and sees how these tools are used to develop our favourite sample application: The PetStore.

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    So in the spirit of open source where can we download the book? :-)

  3. I think that the books title is too broad as it mainly discusses a few libraries. Something that can be found from small web site builder's toolbox.
  4. Hard title to come up with[ Go to top ]

    I understand what you are saying, but I think it is a hard to come up with a great title for this kind of book.

    No book could *really* contain every Java Open Source library that is out there, and nor should they. This shows a practical slice of libraries (which are then used to build a project).

  5. Great book![ Go to top ]

    I think that the books title is too broad as it mainly discusses a few libraries.<

    Its not true that the book "just" discusses a few libraries. One of the great things about this book is the way TDD is presented. Its a book that talks about how to go about /building applications/ with the libraries covered. This is quite a different approach. Very nicely done.

    And I doubt that many people here knows all the covered tools. For me, since I'm already using JUnit, XDoclet, Hibernate ;) and playing with WW2, it is the stuff about Lucene and SiteMesh that is most useful.
  6. sounds great[ Go to top ]

    I've very excited to read this book. I just tried Hibernate and absolutly loved it. It was very easy and powerful, and I know I've used the tip of the iceberg. If there is even one more technology that is highlighted and explained that is of the same level, it will be worth the admission price.

    I also like the fact that the book goes into explaining the process. For developers that are still learning new things, the process is what will help us advance the fastest.

    I'll put another post up next week after I've read the book.

  7. For "Development Process and Structure with Open Source Software" you can also check:

    EJOSA (Enterprise Java Open Source Architecture)

    The docu of EJOSA (PDF file):

    The process: