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    Jameleon is an automated testing tool that separates applications into features and allows those features to be tied together independently, creating test cases. These automated test cases can then be data-driven and executed against different environments. The goal is to create an automated testing tool that can be used for the enterprise. A UI that ties a series of features to a test case, generating both the test script and the test case documentation is in the works.

    This release adds a feature that auto-generates the test case documentation based on the automation script, a generic JUnit plug-in for integration testing, and even more very helpful information in the test results. Many other minor features and bugfixes are also included in this release.</p>

    Please see the release notes and changelog for more information. Jameleon is still looking for contributors.

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    Looks cool. Will have a closer look soon.

    How does it compare to Abbot?
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    Jameleon is meant to be independent of the interface used to test applications. In other words, Jameleon is a framework that leverages the work done by other open-source projects to help make testing more reusable and easier.

    Jameleon would use Abbot as a plug-in to help solve the many inherent problems that come with automated testing from the QA world.

    Currently, there is a generic JUnit plug-in for integration testing and two HTTP plug-ins (the httpunit plug-in has the most support right now). Someday, I would like to create a plug-in to test GUI applications. It's actually quite simple to create a plug-in, I have just been focusing on my current needs. If you are interested in helping create an Abbot plug-in, I could certainly use the help.