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    After getting inputs from a jsp i call aother jsp which calls the method which does a process. After this process i redirect it to some other page. But this process goes on for minimum 1 hr. I get the message Page cannot be displayed.

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    Thats likely thr browser causing the itmeout.

    Does the work really take one hour? If so Id change it so the user doesnt wait. Have the user place the job into a queue and have them check back from time to time to see if the work is complete.

    Dave Wolf
    Internet Applications Division
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    The process may take more than 1 hour also. So, we cannot change the timeout to more than 1 hour. Is there anyother way. Can we get back to the server every 5 or 10 minutes and check whether the process is complete?
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    The web is an interactive media. Forget 1 hour, I wouldn't want to wait for more than a couple of seconds to get a response.

    What i think, you ought to be doing is to fire a batch kind of operation and ask the user to log in again after say an hour to check out the status.

    A brief description of the problem you are trying to solve may help us understand and provide alternative solutions.

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    The application iam doing is a hr app. In some way or other after clicking the process button the user should know the status of the process.
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     I guess ur application needs an asynchronous sort of implementation. u can check out if u can implement using jms...
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    how abt sending the user a notification mail when the job is done ? in that way, the user won't have to check the status over and over again.