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    Hi all

    This is not a question. Thanks to some friends in this group I found that the eval version doesn't let me have more than one connection to my SQL DB. It was not specified anywhere and it took me unnecessary debugging of other things that were right to find out what the problem was. Thought I will share it with you all..


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    I don't believe that's true.... I am using the WLS 5.1 w/ Service Pack 6 and Oracle 8i... I am using more than 1 connections to the database and the connection pool also works with more than 1.
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    I am right and so are you. When I downloaded weblogic, the license info file, if you look at it the DB drivers don't allow more than one connection. I then downloaded JDBC driver for SQL. The license file reads as:

      <LICENSE PRODUCT="jdbcKona/MSSQLServer4"
        IP="any" UNITS="3" EXPIRATION="08-Dec-2000"

    The one that I got with the downloaded version of weblogic had the units = 1. I am guessing those numbers represent the connections..

    Now I can have more connections.. till 3.. So that is the difference.

    Anyway thanks for your note. I was able to clearup the point to myself..

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    I am not sure what these units mean.. But, in my test cases, I've got more than 20 connections (automaticaly created by the server) in the connection pool.... I am using the Oracle, but SQL server if that's the difference. But in my license file, the oracle has units="3" as well.. So, I am not sure if the units really refer to the number of allowed connections or not.

    Se Hee
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    Very interesting.. With my new license file I can't create more than 3 connections. That is why I assumed units might have something to do with the connections. Are you setting all 10 connections for the initial number of connections?

    Anyway if you come across some description for the license file please let me know.. Meanwhile I will try this out on my Oracle DB and see if I notice anything..