SeeBeyond Releases eInsight Enterprise Service Bus 5.0


News: SeeBeyond Releases eInsight Enterprise Service Bus 5.0

  1. SeeBeyond has entered the low end intergration market with their new release of eInsight Enterprise Service Bus 5.0. SeeBeyond's ESB software creates a services-oriented architecture (SOA) which combines JMS, XML, transformation and routing, and web services to integrate.

    SeeBeyond is aiming eInsight at smaller scale projects, and puts a $10k price tag on the product.

    Read SeeBeyond Catches The Enterprise Service Bus

    Press release on the SeeBeyond eInsight Enterprise Service Bus

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    Ok...maybe someone can comment on is this product different then other players in the same market such as IBM and BEA, or even JBoss
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    Dude, they are an established player. Do your own research.

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    I am a SeeBeyond consultant - its very different from its competing products. For starters, it comes with a lot of out-the-box ready stuff. Connectors to systems like SAP, LDAP, any rdbms, ADABAS, Axion, Apache, ATGDynamo, Bloomberg, Blue Martini, BroadVision, CICS, CGI, Clarify, Cobol, Corba, IPlanet, Jacada, JDE, Lotus Notes, MQSeries, Oracle Financials etc, Odette, Peoplesoft, Remedy, RosettaNet, Siebel, SQL Server, SWIFT, etc, are all set up and ready to go, all they need is a configuration file written to provide connection specific info (username/passwords for example). SeeBeyond also supports protocols like JMS, EJB (RMI-IIOP), Mail, SOAP, WAP and others.

    Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) which SeeBeyond is really addressing, is about sending data between your sub-systems. To do this with say JBoss, you need to firstly write your own connectors, then you need to have a detailed understanding of the format of the data between two systems, and then write data parsers. Finally you write your business logic so the data is sent to the correct places. SeeBeyond also provides standard templates for data, for example HL7 or X12 specifications. Hence it is very quick to get your systems integrated. First you specify the data and its format. Second you configure the connections to the sub-system. You then set up your business rules which route the data from one system to another.

    SeeBeyond is architected to provide 24/7 highly reliable, and highly available systems. Their latest buzz word is ICAN which stands for Integrated Composite Application Network - which I read as meaining that your enterprise system consists of all the sub-systems in your network, when integrated together using SeeBeyond.

    eInsight is their workflow (or business process management) tool. I've not seen the latest version (v5) but I hear it is excellent. eInsight sits on top of eGate (the integration platform) and hence has the potential to be very robust. The only downer is that the way I see it, your business process are harder to model independently of the eGate architecture, as it would be with a straight forward workflow engine running in an app server...

    Hope thats been helpful...

    For more details, see or or sites.
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    How does SeeBeyond compared to TIBCO BusinessWorks?

    SeeBeyond BPM seems very similar to some other products from TIBCO, IBM, and even BEA. What functionalities stand out from the rest?
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    I'm a SeeBeyond account executive. While the stated capabilities of both offerings seem similar, SeeBeyond offers the following advantages.

    1. Process modeling is implemented natively in BPEL/BPML as described by BPMI ( This standard facilitates interapplication functionality inside and beyond the firewall. As a standard, it is also designed from the ground up for process modeling vs. other modeling paradigns such as UML which are ultimately object oriented. All SeeBeyond entities are presented as web services and are peers to other web services which are orchestrated with this process modeling tool

    2. Single code base/repository - The entire SeeBeyond suite has one meta-data definition, repository and unified developers tool. From adapter development (collaborations) up to user presentation - all is maintained in one environment. No other vendor offers a unified suite such as this. Initial development productivity is greatly enhanced. Environmental management costs are greatly reduced.

    Hope this helps.
  7. I'm an account exec for SeeBeyond. eInsight 5.0 is a complete re-write (as is the entire ICAN 5.0 release). It offers a very powerful BPM design, monitoring and run time environment based on the BPML/BPEL standard. It's by no means constrained to building business processes with eGate adapters/eWays. It is, in fact, a robust web services orchestration platform.

    The press release is about a release of the eInsight with some constraints, but essentially allows small organizations or departments to get started with SeeBeyond vs. buying an inexpensive ESB that is not nearly as robust a platform. ICAN 5.0 executes on the vision of a single repository, meta-data definition and development environment to support creating interfaces to legacy systems (of virtually any kind), manage any web services, build process logic, screen flows, and presentation. As well additional capabilities include business activity monitoring, single customer view, full b2b capabilities (notably absent in 4.x) and a portal if so desired.

    I hope this helps.
  8. eGate Details[ Go to top ]

    I'm in process of learning eGate.Where would I find details in Internet.Pl. help..
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    Unfortunately, my client just dumped SeeBeyond eGate (4.5.3) in favor of Tibco BusinessWorks 5.1.3 with Enterprise Message Service. Meanwile, they were fully breifed on ICAN before the decision.