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    I compared DAO methods:

    JDO - fastest
    JDBC - a bit slower
    CMP/EJB - slowest by far

    I used a tool called CodeFutures Firestorm.

    Is this consistent with anyone elses experience?

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    I usually find JDBC fastest, if you tweak the SQL. But it is the hardest to maintain.

    The skinny on CMP/EJB is that its throughput is slower, but it is supposed to scale better.

    Also, try adding Hiberate to your list of things to check.
  3. Do all of you consider using stored procedures to offload the data processing overhead to the database or using dbLinks to collect information from different databases instead of using various datasources ?

    Can any one tell the the pros and cons of using dblinks for accessing data from different databases over using different datasources ?

    Of cource, I am talking about using JDBC in both the cases.
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    The JDO uses the JDBC so.. the test results are interesting to say the least.