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    I am not an experianced in estimation techniques.

    Can you let me know approximately how many days will the
    following work take ???

    We have a J2EE Web application to be developed using
    Struts 1.1. framework and will be using IBM Websphere
    connection pooling.


    Only one developer will work from specifications document to developemnt,testing and deployment of application to IBM websphere server.

    The Databse will be MS SQL Server 2000.

    We have 12 existing tables to be used for this application.

    JSP pages will be struts aware and will use standard struts tags.
    This application contains 12 funtions of which 1 is a search function based on 10 criteria(s) entered and selected from the form.

    Rest are maitenance functions like View District list,Edit District ,Delete District.

    We have 2 roles used in this applicaiton and we will be using Container Manged Role based J2EE security. (application.xml,web.xml and ibm-app-bnd.xmi.)

    We also need to use a Pager component to provide previous/next functionality to display list for the
    11 functions.

    We need to provide struts-config.xml,

    Can you please let me know approximately
    how long will this work take ???


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  2. You are missing this most important piece of information: How experienced is your developer?

    An experienced Struts developer might do this in a month without too much trouble. Any inexperienced developer might never finish.

    Figure out who is going to do the work, then ask them for the estimate.
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    It is a fixed price work : We have identified a developer who is
    experianced in struts,but we need to negotiate an appropriate timeline
    with him.

    Considering the risk involved ,can we consider about 2 months time will be
    sufficient to complete all these task.

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    Depends on how experienced is your developer. If he is guru and the Web design for your application will be done by other people, it's doable in a week. If he is mid-level developer, I think three-to-four weeks will be a reasonable time frame. To my opinion, two months will be too much for that.

  5. See this link

    Andrew Kuzmin
  6. This would take 3-4 months in our shop but we also have to be concerned about Common Look and Feel, Internationalization, javadocs, code review, unit testing, packaging, deployment, writing a user manual and training.

    Keep in mind that clients change there minds all the time :(