I want to try hibernate to migrate our exiting db layer. I have been trying for a long time and I am quite frustrated now. It seems to me that Gavin needs to stop and work on a few essential things for a day or two.
Here is what I tried.

Since I already have rational model, I wanted to generate XMI file to java classes and mapping files. So I downloaded AndroMDA. Honestly not only the documentation about using it with hibernate is cryptic but also it needs jboss for whatever reason. It doesnt even explain how to start the GUI in the first place.

I also downloaded middlegen, thankfully its missing DB2 config files and has no documentation on how to customize build.xml for hibernate.

Then I found some random projects that claim to generate the classes and map files for you but sadly they are equally painful.

Then I found a tool a hibernator plugin for eclipse. That also doesnt let me start from XMI file.

Looking further I found the tool documentation at toolsetguide.html in the docs. Thinking my troubles are over, I tried to use this, but thankfully the class net.sf.hibernate.tool.class2hbm.MapGenerator is gone!

Now is there a freakin tool with documentation that will tell me how not to generate class/mapping files?