Symposium Videos: Frameworks & SOA Keynotes, Design Strategies


News: Symposium Videos: Frameworks & SOA Keynotes, Design Strategies

  1. Two keynotes and a technical session from TheServerSide Symposium (held in June 2003) have been posted. Darren Broemmer discusses techniques and patterns for rapidly developing quality, high-performance business components using J2EE. In the keynotes, Ted Farrell talks about the future of development frameworks, and David Litwack discusses Service Oriented Architecture.

    Watch J2EE Architecture Strategies, Next Steps in J2EE Development, Service Oriented Architecture

    From the Symposium we also filmed the popular The Future of J2EE keynote panel discussion with Rod Johnson, Cedric Beust, John Crupi, Rick Ross and others. We'll be posting this in January, as well as a technical session by Bob Lee on Aspect Oriented Java Development.

    Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement for the TSS 2004 Symposium, which will be held from May 6th - 8th in Las Vegas.
  2. Document slides for presentation[ Go to top ]

    Would there be any way to post the slides from Darren's talk on this website? It is tough to see the presentation slides from the low-res video. Other than that, I cannot believe how excellent this talk is, just the medicine I needed.
  3. Document slides for presentation[ Go to top ]

    Hi Dan,

    I've added a link inside Darren's tech talk to download the slides.

  4. TSS Folks: Thanks for doing this ! A lot of us couldnt make it to the conference and this allows us to at least virtually attend it.

    I second the notion that the slides should be made available. It's a pet irrit of mine to watch a speakers vid and not be able see the slides properly.

    AND, the sooner you make available the details for the 2004 Symposium the sooner I'll be able to start working on my boss to attend it !

    Great jobs again, guys. Much appreciated.

    Steve Watt
  5. You can zoom full screen![ Go to top ]

    We're working on getting the slide up. Meantime, I discovered that if you right click on the video window and pick zoom, you can make the video full screen!

  6. Downloadable Videos?[ Go to top ]

    Is there any way to make the TechTalk videos downloadable? My company blocks video streaming, especially Window Media streams.
  7. thanks a lot!