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General J2EE: Hibernate 3 Tutorials: An Easy Way To Learn Java Persistence

  1. I'm a big fan of Hibernate, and I've worked pretty hard to try and make the technology as accessible and as easy to understand as I possibly can. My book on the subject, Hibernate Made Easy, has got some pretty decent reviews on Amazon, and the corresponding website, www.hibernatemadeeasy.com, gets some pretty decent traffic. So, it seems like the message about doing Data Persistence with Hibernate is getting out there.

    One of the biggest problems I find people have with Hibernate is just getting started. Hibernate and JPA are pretty mind-friendly topics, but if you can't get a simple connection to your database working, well, it can get pretty frustrating. To try and help alleviate that problem, I've put together a few video tutorials that show you how to get started with Hibernate, and how you can install all of the things you need in order to run something more substantial than a "Hello World" application.

    The video tutorial goes hand in hand with this webpage tutorial, so it's easy to follow along:

    Getting Started with Hibernate and JPA Annotations

    Now, I've got to stress: this is a very basic, from the grounds up, tutorial. It starts out with a basic Windows XP installation, and not much else.

    The first video tutorial takes you through these mind numbing steps:

    Downloading the JDK
    Installing the JDK
    Downloading MySQL
    Installing MySQL
    Downloading MySQL Tools
    Downloading MySQL JDBC Drivers
    Installing/Unzipping Drivers and MySQL Tools

    Yeah, I know, who needs to watch a video that does all that? It's good for beginners, and the nice thing about the video is that no step is missed. So, if someone is having a problem, they can check to ensure they've followed all of the right steps.

    The second video tutorial gets more to the heart of the matter. It follows the content on this webpage tutorial, and shows you how to annotate a JavaBean/POJO, and then use Hibernate to connect to the database and create the underlying tables. Again, it's a simple example, but the key is the fact that if you can get this to work, then your database and Hibernate environment is working, and once that happens, learning everything else simply becomes fun and easy, as you focus on learning the technology, and not fighting with the environment.

    A third tutorial has been added as well, which demonstrates how to do all of the CRUD based operations that were demonstrated in earlier tutorials, but to do them entirely using the Java Persistence API, and no references to the Hibernate API whatsoever.

    If you know someone who's struggling to learn Hibernate and JPA, send them along to both the site and the tutorials. Many a Java professional has found them handy.

    Video Tutorials on Learning Hibernate
    Hibernate Made Easy WebSite
    Recommended Books for Learning Hibernate
    My Similarly Coloured Book on The Simpsons

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    The Hibernate Documentation is a pretty clear and thorough tutorial:

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    have a look on this , good hibernate tutorials with basic code examples http://www.techfaq360.com/tutorial/hibernate.jsp
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    There are several tutorials available at skill-guru. They have step by step screen shots and explanations to guide you through http://www.skill-guru.com/blog/tag/hibernate/
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    Sorry . This is the correct Link hibernate Tutorial
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    There are also a lot of links to tutorials at the Hibernate External Documentation Page including my Hibernate Tutorial
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    Thanks a lot michael. Your tutorial is cleaner then the hibernate quickstart. May be hibernate document should include your introductory sample application in quickstart.
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    hey ... will the tables be created in memory or a file will be generated having tables ...
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    find this one


    Ahmed Hashim
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    Goto hibernate official site, you will find lots of tutorials there. Java
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    And some pretty good hibernate quiz and hibernate interview questions to test your knowledge

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    Here are some good code examples with simple explanations http://www.deepakgaikwad.net/index.php/2009/03/14/complete-hibernate-tutorial-with-example.html