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    I would like to know which is the best Java IDE and
    how good is ultradev and from where can i download it?

    Looking forward to hear from you.



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    > I would like to know which is the best Java IDE and

    Defining the best IDE is actually ones own comfort. Generally, everyone has a preference over one or the other. So, no one ca say that IDE x is the best and IDE y is not that good. Beside, it depends on what kind of application u r using, what is the app server that u r using et.
    for example, if u r using WebSphere, the best IDE could be WSAD, but u have to pay for it. The next choice would be Eclispe, which is free. More info on Eclipse can be obtained from

    > how good is ultradev and from where can i download it?

    I have no idea.

    > Looking forward to hear from you.
    > Thanks
    > Jac
  3. I use IDX - I think it's the best IDE out there.

    It has all the stuff you need from an IDE and it's much faster than IntelliJ or Eclipse (smaller and more responsive... it's a real Windows program). It also has built-in roundtrip class diagram support and lots of editing features which is cool.

    It's not free, but for me it was well worth the money.

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    if you are doing web applications then

    myeclipse ide ($30 a year subscription)

    is very good
    as well as intellij

    if you do applets / swing then just wait for intellij 4 or use netbeans (much slower)

    ibm WSAD is nice (and really feels like eclipse) but its pricey if you have to pay for it.
    jbuilder x is much improved (except insane cost) but does have a community edition...
    no need to pay thousands of dollars for features already in eclipse & intellij.
  5. I like netBeans[ Go to top ]

    I know that this one isn't as popular as Eclipse, but I still like netBeans. It's also free.
    UltraDev is just a text editor. I don't think that it would qualify as an IDE.
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    IBM Websphere Studio Application Developer 5.1.1

    Open source:

    JBossIDE (a plugin for Eclipse)
  7. Depends...[ Go to top ]

    If you are a beginner I would recommend JCreator ( - has a good feel, easy to set up, project-based, rudimentary debugging, and cheap (free lite edition tho). I have wondered why JCreator is not more popular - I have used it to develop commercial J2EE code, and loved it. If you are after a simpler text editor that compiles and runs and has syntax settings, I also like Editplus ( (I also like to use Editplus to script and run Python, Ruby and PHP code).

    If you are not a beginner, you probably know what's best anyway. Eclipse is of course THE IDE for many in the know, and Netbeans has alwas had it's fans. Don't be afraid of Eclipse if you are new to Java, give it a try. It has lots of plugins, even for other languages.

    In the end, it's about what you are most comfortable with, but sometimes that takes a while to discover. So play around!
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    There is more to Eclipse than "Wow!". If you want to do some JSP you have 3 options:
    The Eclipse WTP project (IMHO this will never work)
    The free Lomboz plugin. Great, but one day this will make your Eclipse crush and crush again endlessly.
    Some commercial plugins (MyEclipseIDE is one of them) are great, but none seems to know how two compile JSPs (and from what I've been told a JSP becomes a servlet which is a java class, and we need to know when a java class compiles or doesn't).
    If you want Java develpment only (no UI, no web), Eclipse is great, but for the rest is just a bad habbit. I admit I have this bad habbit.
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    I like IntelliJ IDEA best. As far as hands-on Java coding goes, I have never seen any IDE that comes anywhere near IDEA. For higher level stuff like building GUI it's currently not as good (supposed to improve in the 4.0 release), but luckily for me I don't do much GUI anyway.

  10. Gel[ Go to top ]

    I use Gel as my IDE. It's powerful, free, fast and much easier to use than Eclipse. See

    JBuilder is also good(there is a free personal edition), but it's much slower than Gel. Sadly the versions with the good features cost a lot of money.

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    I also found Gel very useful. it is very fast and lightweight.
  12. pretty good Java GUI Tool[ Go to top ]

    if you make GUI, I think JFrameBuilder is the best one, pretty good, easy and fast,