Virtual Machinery Releases JHawk Version 3


News: Virtual Machinery Releases JHawk Version 3

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    Virtual Machinery (Dublin Ireland) are pleased to announce Release 3 of their JHawk static code analysis product for Java.

    Aimed at developers who wish to assess the quality of their code in terms of design, performance and maintainability, JHawk generates results covering all the major object-oriented java metrics (including Cyclomatic Complexity, Halstead metrics, Maintainability Index, Fan In/Out, LCOM etc).

    It also provides basic information for example no of classes, no of methods, no of java statements. All data is (where appropriate) available at application, package, class and method level.

    Virtual Machinery have produced a handy guide to Object-Oriented metrics and their interpretation which is available at

    You can find out more about the JHawk product at and download a free trial copy at

    Numerous licensing options are available including options to purchase source code which will allow you to customise JHawk to suit your own particular requirements.
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