jCert closes up shop in 2004


News: jCert closes up shop in 2004

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    The jCert Initiative has achieved its objectives. In response to the changing business environment and evolving directions of its members' certification programs, jCert has decided to withdraw from its activities in establishing Java-centric certification standards. jCert will formally withdraw its certification program, logo and roadmap effective January 1, 2004. This site will no longer be available as of March 31, 2004.

    Over the past several years, jCert has worked with member companies to establish certification frameworks that have reached a reasonably mature stage. jCert believes this process should now continue to evolve based on individual company needs and directions. Developers and member companies have benefited from the jCert cross-industry view. The various company-sponsored certification programs around Java are stable, well-defined and commonly understood.

    The ProsoftTraining CIW program and IBM will adopt the Web Developer exam and continue to offer it through Prometric as part of their company-specific certification programs. CGS and SkillSoft will continue to provide education supporting this exam.

    Candidates who are in the process of pursuing any company certification formerly endorsed by jCert should contact that company with any questions about its programs.

    For information specific to jCert, please send questions and inquiries via e-mail to jcertinfo at jcert dot org.

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    jCert logo is on my SCJP certificate as well.

    what does it mean ?

    and how will that affect other SUN Java related certifications ?
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    Very interesting question.
    What about expiration of the now taken certificates ? Are they also longer valid ?
    And what happens to the actual certification programms ?
    Will they be changed in the near future ?
    Questions over Qustions. Some answers please.
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    Java Certification is simply too expensive. Sun once again still doesn't get it. They need to call Bill Gates up and figure out all the things he did right like giving away free Technet for one year upon becoming an MCSE, making beta exams $35 and regular exams $100.

    Someone needs to figure out how to bring the total cost of obtaining certifications under the $500 mark.
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    Java Certification is simply too expensive.

    is 150$ (SCJP,SCWCD, SCBCD) too expensive ???