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    Hi all,

    What are the technologies, available for integrating a microsoft technology like .net, with a J2EE application. This may be a novice question, put please let me know of some pointers regarding this?


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    There is Borland Janeva. As far as I know it works fine.
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    This is IBM's Redbook for Websphere and .NET integration
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    Application Interoperability: Microsoft .NET and J2EE

    Microsoft has an example application: XBikes
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    This is an article by Mr. Vijay Natarajan on Janeva - Search for "Janeva" on the page as the link does not seem to take you to the exact part where this is.
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    Webservices. We do it in our project and it works great.
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    I know of four products:

    JNBridge,, Janeva, Codemesh.


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