Reloads with new UI and Slogan


News: Reloads with new UI and Slogan

  1. At last year's TheServerSide Symposium we asked the audience how many people liked TSS' UI. I was the only one who put up his hand. :) The other major take away point was that everyone agreed that TSS is not just about J2EE, it's about everything an Enterprise Java developer cares about. We are now pleased to bring a new TSS UI as well as a welcome to "Your Enterprise Java Community"!

    So what do you think of the new UI?

    Sincerely, Team

    ps - Incorporating this UI required a re-launch and re-write of part of our site, and as such there are likely bugs. If you come across any, please be patient and let us know!

    pps - Special thanks to Martin Källström, the implementor of's original UI almost 4 years ago who came back to flex his new skills by working closely with us to deliver the beautiful UI you now see before you.

    Editors Note:
    Since posting this message the thread has recorded a lot of praise as well as bug reports. We are working on plugging some of the holes with the new UI; thanks for your patience! In the meantime, here are some fixes our members have reported:
     - Mozilla - A bug in 0.7 sometimes causes the style sheet not to load. If you do a quick refresh it forces this rendering of the CSS and it all looks fine.
     - IE6 & Mozilla: Refreshing just did not want to work. I cleared the browser cache and everything was perfect.

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  2. I like it. Looks darn good. And the new UI actually works fine in Mozilla(Firebird).

    Great work guys.

    -- Anders
  3. Does'n work !!![ Go to top ]

    Design is bad for Opera 7.0 and IE 6.0
  4. Does'n work !!![ Go to top ]

    Richard, I'm using the site with IE 6 and it seems fine. Please email screen shots to bugs at theserverside dot com and we'll work on them right away.

  5. Looks good[ Go to top ]

    This is better than the earlier looks. Good work -
  6. yeah guys..real gud work..much professional than the previous one..keep up. :-)
  7. UI Broken IE6 - Fix[ Go to top ]

    Hi guys.

    I had the same problem as the other posters (IE6/win2000). Refreshing just did not want to work. I cleared the browser cache and everything was perfect.

    Great stuff.

    oliver henlich
  8. Excellent Professional Look[ Go to top ]

    Excellent Professional Look, Cheers !!!
  9. Small bug...[ Go to top ]

    If a message has 0 or 1 comment/reply, the message is "0/1 comments" or "0/1 replies". It should be "0/1 comment" or "0/1 reply".

  10. Nice Site[ Go to top ]

    Very good... Nice work guys.

  11. Better than before?
  12. Like it![ Go to top ]

    Yep, me too. This is so much better than the last one. It
    used to be put me off using the site. This is much more
  13. Nice layout[ Go to top ]

    Hi Floyd,

    I like the new is simple and looks nice. I really didn't like the old one with so many colors :-) of the site for a new UI...looks like a MVC pattern :-)

  14. pretty good, :), I like it!

    But maybe, there is some differnce between the left page and the right one.
  15. UI is broken[ Go to top ]

    It seems that UI or CSS is broken. I am getting a very large white portion on the front page, the font's are showing up as default browser fonts. I am using IE6.0 on Windows NT.
  16. UI is broken[ Go to top ]

    I just tested it in IE 6, Mozilla Firebird 0.7 and Opera 7.23 - and it worked fine. I did notice that in one instance in mozilla the browser for some reason just didn't load the style sheet and it looked kinda like how you describe, Ali. When I reloaded the stylesheet was downloaded and it worked fine again.

    Perhaps if we embed the stylesheet markup in the code of each page itself these problems might go away?

    We're working on it...

  17. Mozille Firebird 0.7 etc[ Go to top ]

    Sometimes the CSS items look a little strange. This happens on various sites that I visit. It is due to a bug in Gecko where some race condition stops it from re-rendering at the end of the stream. If you do a quick refresh it forces this rendering of the CSS and it all looks fine. I am looking forward to 0.8 :)

  18. Change name for the css[ Go to top ]

    To me, it seems like the old css/framset or something is till used. When clearing the cache and reload everything looks correct.

    Mozilla 1.5 on WinXP.
  19. In short: great!

  20. Ok I use Linux! Previous's site rendered ugly on mozilla but was ok in konqueror (yet another linux browser from kde suite)
    so i used to start kde _only_ to see whats new on theserverside
    now both mozilla and konqueror render theserverside unreadably ugly
    want screenshots?
    IE is not the only one plz fix it i know its easy
  21. Nice work - much cleaner. Unfortunately Moz 1.4 doesn't render the site properly. IE 6.0.28 does work (or so I've been told).

    - Anonymous unpaid beta-tester
  22. Hi there

    The new UI is looking really great. Just one drawback, the buttons for replying/printing/bookmarking threads are messed up - they are placed on top of each other - when I view the site with Netscape 7.01. Can you please fix it? Thanks!
  23. Looks very slick - and works fine here on mozilla firebird 0.7

    Good job !
  24. mmh, it does not work for me in FireBird 0.7

    I see a large white space.

    But the UI looks cool in IE.
  25. I think it will look better, if you will drop top and left margins:


    in body tag.
  26. Three enhancements...[ Go to top ]

    First enhancement: preload the rollover icons for the navigation buttons (News, Discussions, etc.), so that it doesn't take a while before they rollover the first time

    Second enhancement: add rollover icons for the personal navigation buttons (My Profile, My threads, etc.), to make them similar to the main navigation buttons.

    Third enhancement: add a value attribute to the Reset button of the reply page, to set an english text on it (in french, the button has the text "Réinitialiser", which makes it look strange in an english page).

  27. I believe it used to be there... As well as user first/last name, etc in case one forgets his/her name ;) Also "I an not so-and-so" link next to it... It's not a whole lot but a convinience of some sort still.

    -- Erik
  28. It looks great but the font is difficult to read.
  29. font causes eyes to water[ Go to top ]

    I agree, the font is ugly. Trebuchet is ugly rubbish.
  30. font causes eyes to water[ Go to top ]

    Agreed. Pretty much, it's a nice overhaul, but the font is so damn annoying. It is incredibly hard to read and very tiring to look at.
  31. font causes eyes to water[ Go to top ]

    Well, after trying to read some news, the font was killing me. So I fixed it myself. I went to Control Panel and deleted that assinine excuse of a font and now it gracefully degrades to a beautiful Arial variant of some sort. Problem solved.
  32. I am suprised.....I am suprised..... :-)

    what a nice design !!!
  33. whats the problem ?[ Go to top ]

    I am using mozilla on windows xp and have common problems, white space in left side and some more bugs in new UI.

    I think the main problem occur on the machines with 800*600 resolution. when i changed resolution to 1024 all the bugs cleared.
  34. Congratulations![ Go to top ]

    Nice UI. Works without a glitch. But best of all "Your Enterprise Java Community" instead of only "Serverside J2EE"! I take it that rich clients will get better coverage in the future, as well as CMS and workflow systems. If only I don't have to listen to EJB I will be perfectly happy.

    Why did TSS select just this time and place for the operation?

    Siempre chismoso
    Rolf Tollerud
  35. It looks great. Although on IE 5 there is a small problem. The last word of each title is repeated on the next line. Ex. 'Your reply' gives on the next line 'reply', 'How to post' gives 'to post' ans so on.
  36. UI is really cool, but...[ Go to top ]

    But I think that separator bars are too dark. They should be the same color as titles
  37. Small change[ Go to top ]

    One thing that always irritated me was that there was no obvious way to navigate to the home page ( (Maybe there is and I've missed it.) Could you add a hyperlink on the TheServerSide.COM banner?
  38. Small change[ Go to top ]

    One thing that always irritated me was that there was no obvious way to navigate to the home page ( (Maybe there is and I've missed it.) Could you add a hyperlink on the TheServerSide.COM banner?

    The homepage is the same as "News" as far as I can tell. Even so, I agree - clicking on the banner to go home is a web standard, so it would be nice to make the banner clickable.
  39. Small change[ Go to top ]

    One thing that always irritated me was that there was no obvious way to navigate to the home page

    Chris, we've always had the logo hyperlinked to the homepage in the past, which was the easy way you were looking for.

    On the new UI we forgot to do this but we'll update that today.

  40. exactly![ Go to top ]

    I myself never understood why you don't have the point to the main page.
    this is the one basic pattern for web sites, and after that come all the usability issues.

    anyway, i like the new design, even though it is a little bit slower.


    > One thing that always irritated me was that there was no obvious way to navigate to the home page. Could you add a hyperlink on the TheServerSide.COM banner?
  41. The logo points to /[ Go to top ]

    The logo in the top left now links to the home page, which is the same as the News icon.


  42. GUI[ Go to top ]

    Being a daily viewer of the site i must say that the interface is way better than the previous red ,blue, yellow layout.

    Well done ppl and keep up with the good work.

    :) javed
  43. GUI is terrible.
    Not at all user friendly.

  44. GUI is terrible.

    > Not at all user friendly.
    > Badrish

    Dunno what planet Badrish is on, but I think this is a welcome change and still maintains the same simplicity of the old UI without the odd colours.

    Good job guys,
  45. konqueror[ Go to top ]

    In konquerror you can't see 'post reply' or mark as noisy
    anyway, better than last UI
  46. Usability problems[ Go to top ]

    Superior! It’s a huge step ahead toward better usability of your site. However, your new design has several drawbacks I have to mention:

    1. Very small font. Moreover, I cannot change its size in IE 6.0 via "Font Size" command. Please review your CSS and avoid using exact font sizes (px / pt) and use more user friendly units (% + em) instead. You can find very useful guidelines on A List Apart.

    2. Neither "Message ID" nor "Number Of Replies" could be read due to almost identical font color & color of background image(s).

    3. Guys, does anyone around really needs all these mega-cool images on top of every post title? ;-) Personally, I'm not using my browser just for reading news on but sometimes for testing web applications we are developing. ;-) Therefore I set an option to always check for a new version of content. And your site is deadly slow to load with these settings enabled -- it has to download approximately 100 images for average thread. Simple CSS-styled DIV, regular CSS-styled <BUTTON> and I will be happy. If you really miss rounded borders you can emulate them via proprietary Mozilla properties and IE “glow” filter.

    4. Just curious about new design of your logo / slogan. TheServerSide.COM. Thanks God you are not hosted at Otherwise it will look like TheServerSide.NET ;-)

  47. RE: Usability problems[ Go to top ]

    Wow! Are there are any censorship on TSS or it's just an error?

    4. Just curious about new design of your logo / slogan. TheServerSide.COM.

    Originally I've posted

    4. Just curious about new design of your logo / slogan. TheServerSide.COM. Thanks Got you are not hosted on Otherwise it will looks like TheServerSide.NET ;-)

    And I' verified my post. It stays "as is" only for 10 minutes.

    So, did you change only design? Or politic as well :-)

  48. I love the old one[ Go to top ]

    Sorry, but the text is really too small too read, especially for such a informative web site.

    The old one looks more stylish, the new UI is simple and clean, but not as prominent as the old one. It is easy to identify TSS in the past, the old interface just give me a "wow, it is TSS, i love it". The new GUI just not work.
  49. Fonts[ Go to top ]

    I agree, the font for the forum messages is too small (Firebird 0.7). I have to concentrate to read the messages instead of browsing through fluently.
  50. Fonts[ Go to top ]

    I agree, the font for the forum messages is too small (Firebird 0.7). I have to concentrate to read the messages instead of browsing through fluently.

    > It looks great but the font is difficult to read.

    My eyes are hurting! Either the forum text is quite hard to read or I need to visit they eye doctor again. Nice otherwise.
  51. Fonts[ Go to top ]

    Agree with you completely.
    It would be better if they could use Arial,Helevtica fonts with size 10pts for all textual content. This Ms Trebuchet style font is indeed difficult read.

    I use Mozillla Firebird on Windows 2000 Prof at 1024X768 .
    Overall the gui is ok, but some screen appear crooked like this one, the "Reply/Post screen". The problem is with a large white scpace appearing on the top right hand corner.
    Suggestion: If you want us to send screen shots, make a yahoo briefcase and allow public access to it.
  52. Fonts[ Go to top ]

    Have to agree with many other posters. Font is too small, not size-customizable using the browser menus and is not great for readability (IE 6 / Windows).

    The new UI looks funky, but readability has to be top of the priority list. Please change it!
  53. Fonts[ Go to top ]

    The fonts also are too small for me. On each page I have to press two times ctrl-+ with Mozilla.

    There are two recent trends:

    o Fonts on portals are getting smaller
    o my eyes are getting worse

  54. These very light colored sites make my head hurt.
    I agree this one looks nicer than the old layout but I'd rather read of the old one.
  55. ugly fonts[ Go to top ]

    The font is very hard to read. Too small.
    I use Opera 7.21 and Mozilla 1.4 on KDE 3.1.4
    Readability is my only concern and it didn't improve :-(

  56. ugly fonts[ Go to top ]

    The new style looks good !

    Please change the font type and size (Firebird 0.7). The left side is wasted.
  57. Very Slick UI[ Go to top ]


    Great job to you and the TSS team. The new site design looks very nice and to me is a MUCH better user experience.

    Random clicks around the site have yielded no obvious problems. Good work!

  58. Fonts too small[ Go to top ]

    I think the fonts used for the messages are too small. I can read them, but I have to make an effort. I think a 1-point increase would do.
  59. Sweet![ Go to top ]

    Looks much more professional than the old one. Well done!
  60. I like the look and feel, performance is great. The bold title fonts are not well formed on IE 6, they appear fuzzy. I think my eyes are also having a little trouble between the white and off white background.

  61. Nice work![ Go to top ]


    I remember the look on your face when you asked that question at the Symposium...priceless ;-) Your team did a real nice job of giving it a face lift.

    Well done.

  62. Architecture ?[ Go to top ]

    Is there an architecture/design artical in the works ? It would be nice to see some documentation on what was used to implement this.
  63. UI[ Go to top ]

    Looks Great
  64. This one is so baaadd..
    Colors were perfect !
  65. Awesome!![ Go to top ]

    Looks a lot better. I liked the old UI but now I really like this one. The only "complaint" I have is the Message#s are very difficult to read because there is almost no contrast between the text and the background color. I love the icons.

  66. It's not really any different[ Go to top ]

    OK, so you changed graphics and fonts. THAT'S NOT UI.

    The messages are still organized very badly and the user experience of the site is almost exactly the same as it was yesterday.

    AND, you actually decreased the usability by making the "News" "Discussions" etc links SMALLER.

    This is really not a change at all and, sorry, but it perpetuates the fallacy that graphics and colors equal UI.
  67. It's not really any different[ Go to top ]

    Dave, I won't get into the 'what is a UI' debate with you, but I'm curious to know how we could organize our messages better. Please do email me your thoughts [email protected]

  68. Looks good - a move to CSS![ Go to top ]


    The new style looks much better, more pro.

    Good job!

  69. HI,

    I would suggest that you make your logo in the top left corner a 'home' link. That is now becoming standard and usability test seem to show that surfers expect it.

    Other than that I have no beafs.

  70. Agreed, this is NOT a new UI[ Go to top ]

    Well, color scheme is better. Maybe. Maybe not. Now it looks like all other "professional" sites. "I want to go dancing, but all I have is beige", said Vinny from "Banger sisters". Yep. Calm, nice and boring.

    The so called "user experience" is the same, the message threads are as hard to follow as they were before, the smaller font size does not make TSS more readable, the toolbar is made for monitors with width of 800 pixels and more.

    This is just a new styling, like bolting on the rear light cluster with stop light on top and turn signal on the bottom instead of having them the opposite way previous model year. Well, TSS is not a car.
  71. My only beef[ Go to top ]

    Find somewhere else to put the Sponsored Whitepaper and Cluster info (maybe at the top of the right column?). TSS.NET looks MUCH better because the main content is flush left.

    Other than that, the new site looks fantastic.
  72. Hani please bile this site[ Go to top ]

    Wow, This is new design (re-design!) is very amateurish. The previous it was better behaved than this site.

    How could you let this out before testing on various browsers. It doesn't work on Safari, massive color and font problem.

    What is you screen resolution: you must have just blindly created this site.

    Why isn't the logo clickable to go to the font page?

    Left Side Navigation icons are too big.

    Right Side Navigation icons are too big and useless, we know that you have a lot of members, so does AOL.

    Do I need to keep looking at my threads, so I can see how cool I am and how many times I have posted at your sites? Don't think so

    The left column is a wasteland

    My profile, My threads (blah, blah). What no watches!!! bookmark thread? what for? Bookmarks are graveyards.

    Tables, and spacer gifs everywhere! Why not CSS? try resizing the page and see what happens. This is a hack, a screaming hack.

    It looks like the Discussion page is designed for a 2100x 800 or something like that!

    I think you should bring the old site back, and wait for the next web revolutions before releasing the site.

    -Mohammad Abed.
  73. I pretty much echo what everyone else says.

    1. I like the new look-and-feel. It's purty.
    2. Fonts are too small.

    I have one more comment:

    3. Followed hyperlinks in the forum no longer change color: they always remain black. I have been using color-coded hyperlinks to keep track of which forum messages I have and have not read; without color coding of followed links, this is going to be VERY difficult to do.

    So ... please make followed links a different color from unfollowed links.
  74. Hello,

    it looks slick. I would have some comments:
    1) Reply page is too large (I'm using Mozilla Firebird 0.7)
    2) Left column is wasteland. Give it the axe.
    3) Fonts are ok
    4) Contrast is not so good for messages. Lightgrey as background colour for messages looks good, but doesn't really match with the surrounding white (change the white to lightblue?).

    I'd like to have a feature: 'selecting a sub-thread'. Often a discussion on a thread splits onto several topics. I'd like to be able to select a sub-thread and have only the corresponding messages displayed.

    Stefan Chis
  75. It best practice to make the company banner or logo clickable and it should take the user back to the main page. You TSS banner on top is not clickable.

    Other than that, i like the new UI!.
  76. Nostalgia for old UI[ Go to top ]

    Perhaps the old UI wasn't that hot, but after 4 years I got attached to it! Couldn't we have the old UI available as a user settable theme! It'd be a perfect exercise to see if the app was architected as clean MVC layers. Or maybe you have better things to do! :)

    -- Andre
  77. Themes[ Go to top ]

    Yeah, a choice of a few themes would be good.
    Probably it's only me, but I find the green links in
    "Threaded replies" box at the top of each thread hardly readable.
  78. Nostalgia for old UI[ Go to top ]

    I agree. The old UI was better. It was easier to read the posts. Who cares about aesthetic beauty? It's only for idiots. I need to be able to read the posts and the articles clearly and easily. This is new stupid UI needs a magnifying glass to read the posts.
  79. boring colors and tiny fonts[ Go to top ]

    I for my part dont really like it. Fonts are tiny and dont display well on IE6. I also liked the old colors better - now its all blue and white, how boring

  80. Body font should be serif[ Go to top ]

    A general principle of document design is that "display text", such as headlines should be a sans serif font, which you have used and it is beautiful, and that "body text" should be rendered in a serif font, which you have not used.

    The reason people are complaining about the small size of the text is partly due to the fact that you used a sans serif font for the body.

    The reason serif fonts work well for small font body text is that the serifs give your eyes additional hints about the letters being read, so serif fonts can be rendered in much smaller fonts while maintaining readability.

    Try rendering the body font as Georgia or New Times Roman and you'll see what I'm talking about.
  81. Hi Dan (and other font people) -

    We have changed the style sheet to use serif fonts for the content.

    Thanks for the input.

  82. I just know I am going to catch hell for this, but do I have to go delete my serif fonts too? Yesterday the site looked so much better in the Arial variant (Verdana, I think) once I deleted that Trebuchet MS (sp?) font. Your new font is more readable than before. I just personally prefer Arials and Verdanas. Any chance on a user selectable font?

    As I look at this page, to my left are some banner adverts in Arial. "TheServerSide.COM" is Arial/Helvetica. The Search box and all buttons are something else altogether (Lucida?). Most text is Times or some variant. Heading 1, for lack of a better term, is some sans serif font. Wait....the menubar is Book Antiqua?

    That said, I am sure this issue will be settled eventually, but right now it's "not quite there" in the font category. Well done, nevertheless.
  83. I don't like it[ Go to top ]

    Good job! but the bar looks so deep on the light white background and the font size is too small , so it's hard to read the news.
  84. My Feedback[ Go to top ]


    1) Dont use exact fonts.
    2) The "Reply" in the post heading bar is unncessary noise.
    3) Instead of "Reply", have the Post Title - ala old TSS.

  85. Wow....good to see the change...
    The top banner and menu has the look and feel of the elves in LOTR!!!
  86. The new UI is really refreshing but the font is hard to read especially when the color become green.

    The page fit well in Mozilla but I have to scroll to the right to see the whole page in IE6.

    The page has a distinct lack of symmetry. The left of the page has so much of white space while the right is densely packed. Symmetry is the first thing that appeals to a viewer.

    my 2 cents :)
  87. Problems[ Go to top ]

    Big problem: News history is gone! "More news" goes only to 2003 Dec 31.

    Small problem: check this out: Symposium Coverage
  88. The new UI is lousy. It is difficult to read the post titles in a thread and in general, the text in a post is too closely spaced. Why haven't you adopted the same UI for the .NET site if it's supposed to be better?
  89. Thinking about color scheme[ Go to top ]

    The thread design remained the same as in "old" TSS and is probably the least usable I've seen. To see the reply tree for a particular message one has to return to the beginning of a page. And the visual separation of messages is amiguous in that it is impossible to determine to which message the actions refer to: to the one above the separator or to the one which is below.

    You can have stylesheets and allow user to select a particular stylesheet for different color schemes, font types and font sizes. I hate when font size is hardcoded in the page, I have the means to control font size in my browser, and HTML has the means to assist me in doing that ("smaller than normal"/"bigger than normal"). I hate when someone decides for me that small font is so much cooler, sleeker and more professional. Design, and styling as part of the design, should have ergonomics in mind. If something is not ergonomical, it is designed badly, no matter how nice it looks.
  90. My Eye site is bad enough[ Go to top ]

    The small fonts save on space but not easy on the eyes. Also white backgroud does not help.

    Also after posting reply no easy link to return to forum.
  91. Well, certainly the new UI is different enough that for somebody like me, who's been reading TSS for quite awhile now, is going to have to take awhile to adjust. We'll see what happens after the shock wears off :-)

    I do have two immediate comments, though:

       - The article listings on the News and Recent Posts pages don't scan well visually for me. Either the vertical white space between entries, lack of a visual delimiter like a thin line, or both are making those pages look kind of jarring.

       - No "last update time" on Recent Posts page. :-(

  92. Just for you Mike.... last posted[ Go to top ]

    Hi Mike -

    I put in a last posted on Recent Posts. Is it too busy though? We are definately listening to the thoughts that people have had... especially on the font, so we are looking into it.

    What if you could choose serif or sans-serif and it kept your preference? Would that be kinda cool?

  93. no username displayed[ Go to top ]

    it's also convention (and useful) to display the username you're logged in under somewhere on the screen - instead i'm told how many members the site has. not a good tradeoff.
  94. great redesign in general...

    here are some of my observations......

    it would be good if this page
    was sortable by column.
    a real easy way to do this is use displaytag

    it would be nice if the top nav were framed out (as an option) so that it would persist as you scrolled down a long list.

    it would be nice if you could set a global ignore for messages from people you know are idiots.

    page ui is very nice, except its hard to see whats a link and whats not. it makes navigation more difficult.
    (for example the recently active threads on this page are only underlined upon mouse over )

    it would be nice if you used the left side of the screen more, you make great use of the right lane... but not the left.

    what happened to "printer friendly mode" for the articles.

    it would be nice to have a "web framework" matrix, just like the application server matrix. (to be filled in collectively)

  95. no alt text for images[ Go to top ]

    The new UI is unnavigateable with the images turned off. Please add support for readers who like to use text-only or image-disabled browsers.
  96. Colour Scheme Bug[ Go to top ]


    Thanks for the work done on the new look. Please be aware that there is a problem with the colour scheme as the Message# text beside the "Mark As Noisy" text in the message replies are not visible - it becomes visible if I select the text around it. (Maybe this was done on purpose to hide it but it is sort of slack).

    Also, just to register my opinion on the font. I really do think the font is harder to read. I noticed that the Tech Talk section, when the seperate window opens with the video screen, it hasn't been converted to the new scheme yet. The font in there is much easier to read than this new font.

    Please change the font to the old font.

    Thanks and I hope my comments help,

  97. Great work guys![ Go to top ]

    Looks fantastic on IE 6.0
  98. menu font[ Go to top ]

    the serif font of the menu is ugly!!!!
  99. My profile icon[ Go to top ]

    If the icon is to indicate My Profile, shouldn't it be a head as seen from the side. Needs a nose :-)

  100. Difficult to read[ Go to top ]

    My biggest complaint (without going into which font is better at what size etc.) is the readability. Reading the site is much harder on the eyes. When I look at the main banner and icons, I wonder if my laser eye surgery went bad. Or a similar effect of too much chlorine in the eyes from the swimming pool :-)

    I'm glad you guys are making the effort to improve the site. Perhaps some sample look and feel changes posted to the community might be a better approach in the future. Instead of doing a full fledge release, give some alternative pages and let the community vote: new look-n-feel vs. old look-n-feel.

  101. UI in mozilla 1.6[ Go to top ]

    This is how it looks in Mozilla 1.6b<br/>
    Otherwise, I like it.
  102. Now the font is too big[ Go to top ]

    Now the font is too big. Get back to the original font (before this whole new UI came into being for god-only-knows-why reason)
  103. getting uglier every day[ Go to top ]

    fonts still fuzzy, and now too big. I would appreciate some more color in the overall appearance
  104. Now font is OK[ Go to top ]

    Big serif font is much easier to read, thanks. I do not care that someone thinks it looks bad. I just need it to be readable.
  105. Typeface choice[ Go to top ]

    A nice, misty look & feel to the banner!! Really cool.

    Some suggestions:

    -- I see serif type face on TSS (IE 5.0) and that makes it difficult to locate information on the pages. Guess for a text heavy site like the TSS, choice of san serif like Verdana, Tahoma or good old Arial, improves readability. (The sections right at the bottom are easier to read. They use sans serif.)

    -- Can we knock off that dotted line under the urls? For a moment, with a small stretch of imagination, I thought there was a second line that was not showing up properly when the page loaded on my browser.

  106. Anchor highlighting[ Go to top ]

    In the previous UI, I liked seeing which links/pages I'd visited before. I think the new stylesheet doesn't show color or style differences for visited. For instance, the default browser behavior is usually blue for un-visited links and purple for visited links. Could you possibly somehow differentiate visited links in the CSS? Thanks.
  107. Looks good, but...[ Go to top ]

    Good job on the new site. It looks good. The font problems seem to be sorted; text is a good font and size for me on IE 6.0.26.

    The thing that annoys me is the images used for the bars at the top of each message in a thread. They take a long time to load initially, and IE seems to insist on reloading them whenever I change the text size (using View->Text Size). Doesn't CSS have a way of doing this?

  108. Looks not so good[ Go to top ]

    What was wrong with previous UI? It was great, I dunno why the UI has been changed.