Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler 1.3 Released


News: Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler 1.3 Released

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    Quartz is an open source, job scheduler for integration with stand-alone java applications and full-scale J2EE applications. Advanced features include clustering and participation in container managed transactions.

    Quartz aims to be light-weight, scalable, and easy to use within your own applications.

    It is in heavy use by hundreds (perhaps thousands) of developers, and is included in several other commercial and open source products.

    Quartz 1.3.0 Release Notes

    This release contains both bug fixes and new features - see the complete change list in the distribution for complete details.

    Notable Changes since Quartz 1.2 :
    - New plugin for creating jobs/triggers with an XML file during initialization.
    - Improved load-balancing with clusters.
    - Auto-assignment of instance Ids with clusters.
    - RMI-connected clients now auto-reconnect if the scheduler is "bounced".
    - Various bug fixes - Most notably with Container-Managed Transactions.
    - The Quartz management web application is no longer distributed with the main Quartz release. From now on it will be bundled as its own distribution.

    Thanks to all who contributed to this release!

    View the Quartz home page.

    Download Quartz

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  2. quartz rocks[ Go to top ]

    been using it since pre-1.0. It's integrated with a 2M+ line j2ee app and has worked like a champ through many convolutions and two appserver ports.

    If you're shopping for a job scheduling component, it comes highly recommended.
  3. quartz rocks[ Go to top ]

    Dito. We can only boast 150k+ line J2EE app in which we rely on Quartz, but still, it works very well. Highly recommended, and a big thanks to the authors!

  4. Hello James

    I need a some clarification from you. Our application has lot of complexity with time based events such as triggering some actions on 5th day of every week,every year and so on. I discovered that Quartz Schedular will do the trick. But in one the article from the serverside has stated that "Quartz uses its own tread pool and these threads are not container based". But this statement has caused lot of confusion in our group to use this or not!!. Is there any way that these threads can be controller by J2EE server by itself??.
    BTW we are using weblogc 8.1 server.

    If you have any ideas on this please reply to this question . Please mail your feedback to Satish dot Kakumani at ionidea dot com

    Thanks and Regards