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    My problem is the helper method that is supposed to call the
    ejbSelect method.

    I have tried two ways:
    1)Having the method stub in the local interface.
    This is done using XDoclet tags like so:
     * @ejb.interface-method
     * view-type="local"
     public Set listStockNumbers(){
       java.util.Collection collection = ejbSelectStockNumbers();
       etc. try, catch for the FinderException
    2)Using an ejbHome method
     * @ejb.home-method
     * view-type="local"
     public Set ejbHomeListStockNumbers(){
       the same as in 1) above;
    The select method looks like this:
     * query="SELECT distinct a.stockNumber from carSchema as a"
     public abstract Collection ejbSelectStockNumbers() throws FinderException;
    All these are in the CMP Entity Bean.

    Every time JBoss tells me From is not found. The local JNDI name is mentioned. If I take away the whole select method and its helper method block the bean deploys fine.

    I have scoured the Net for help. Mostly the topic is glossed over, making me think the anser is really very simple.

    Can anyone please help.



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  2. Hi Antonie, my guess is that the problem is the EJB-QL sintax you are using.I can see two cases here:

      1)if the stockNumber is a CMR field, implementing a relationship, the query should look like this:
    query="SELECT OBJECT (b) FROM carSchema AS a IN(a.stockNumber) AS b"

      2)if it's a simple field than you should read all the carSchema and then use only the stockNumber.
    query="SELECT OBJECT (a) FROM carSchema AS a"
  3. Simple field[ Go to top ]

    Hi Sergio,

    It is a simple field. The ejbSelect method ejb ql I have should work. Your option 2 takes me away from ejbSelect methods and back to finder methods. That seems to be the only option left open to me. I have been trying to get this ejbSelect method thing to work now for nearly a week - no go.

    Ah well, back to finder methods for everything for me.

    Thanks for your help.