Largest Free J2EE Hosting Site Will Continue Operations


News: Largest Free J2EE Hosting Site Will Continue Operations

  1., which provides free entry-level J2EE hosting to over 26,000 members, has avoided the need to shutdown. will support the struggling service, which joins its growing Java developer advocacy network. Horst Reiterer will continue to run, and all are invited to particpate in helping expand its offerings.

    Last year, when the largest Java blogging service was risking shutdown, Javalobby was able to help it achieve stability and become more successful. has since grown by over 500% and is the thriving home of some of the most popular Java webloggers. With your support, can be a similarly beneficial resource to the global Java developer community.

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    I'm guessing the first thing they'll do is change the name to ;-)
  3. Free J2EE Webhosting[ Go to top ]

    Why doesn`t SUN offer free J2EE Webhosting ?
  4. Pretty good guess[ Go to top ]

    But it will be "" instead.

  5. because[ Go to top ]

    See what happened is - Sun decided to fire all its American programmers, as did the rest of the AMreican companies, so no one has any money to buy anything anymore (H1Bs and L1s wisely send their money home where its value immediately 10x-es) so now that everyone is broke, there's no money in the economy, see? And since ther'es no money in teh economy, Sun has no money either-- no one is buying they can't afford anything liekn "free services"

    Did I clear that up for you?
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    I think now they are "theserversided" and will refuse hosting services due to large number of applicants :)
  7. Hardly![ Go to top ]

    While it certainly is in the midst of a conversion, the service has as much room to grow as it wants and we'll be accepting all applications for the free accounts :)

  8. I cannot register[ Go to top ]

    In the registration page it says : We are not accepting any more users !
    I would like to register, and use this service.
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    Thanks for your interest in the service! Signing up is currently not possible because a migration to new servers is in progress, I'll do my best to complete the migration as rapidly as possible. Once done, we'll open the service for new users again and of course, we'll be very happy to welcome you on board of the new community which is now becoming part of Javalobby.

  10. Congratulations Horst[ Go to top ]


    Hosting Java can be an expensive operation. Both in terms of server resources, particularly memory. And in support costs. The latter because Java setups are invariably more complex than 'regular' hosting environments. And that results in higher support hits (at least in my experience).

    That you can provide this service for 24 Euros a year is a fantastic achievement. Congratuations to you.

    Your offering will be a great driver of server side Java popularity.

    Regards, Peter, - J2EE Hosting on Linux Virtual Private Servers
  11. I totally agree that we need this kind of free services to be up and running. Testing a product in a real production environment is great.

    I wonder why the 'big' application commercial servers makers (Weblogic, Websphere, Sun, Oracle) didn't give this type of free service on their own app servers. It will be great to have my J2EE application to be tested on all these and also to be up and running for a while somewhere on the web. All this should be just for non-comercial products. In case of setting a production product, something should be paid.

    Also, a connectivity with a free database server from Oracle will be great from the app srv services.
  12. J2EE?[ Go to top ]

    The web page does not advertise J2EE hosting services. It says it provides a "J2SE 1.4 based application server". Sounds like Tomcat or Jetty?
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    While its not totally J2EE (EJB, JMS), it is servlets, JSPs, JDBC, etc. aims to provide a place for Java server-side newbies to cut their teeth on web-tier technology including database access. If you need full J2EE support, we'll hopefully we working out some deals with larger full-service hosting companies for you to "graduate" to.
  14. J2EE?[ Go to top ]

    It currently provides Servlets and JSP etc. on JDK 1.4.1 plus the list below. The goal is to provide full J2EE 1.3 and probably 1.4.

    It's a damn good service, I've used it on and off for a few years now and it's very reliable. I don't use it now because I have access to a number of other machines but I will be chipping in to help, I got an email from Horst a few days ago and services like this just can't be left to die. Horst has used his own money to keep it going and the odd Euro from everyone using it will go a long way to buying memory, CPUs and disk space.

    The actual proposed cost is: "24 Euros (30.36 US Dollars, 16.60 UK Pounds)
    per year translating to 2 Euros per month (2.53 US Dollars, 1.38 UK Pounds),
    a very insignificant rate considering the competition.
    ". Perhaps a little expensive for Americans given the state of the dollar but pretty good for the rest of the world. :-) <--- That's a big smiley!!!

    Installed components include:-

    ANTLR Translator Generator
    Apache SOAP
    Batik SVG Toolkit
    Cryptix 3
    Element Construction Set
    Google API
    HTTP Unit
    Hypersonic SQL
    Interbase InterClient JDBC Driver
    iText PDF Library
    Jakarta Cactus
    Jakarta Log4j
    Jakarta Lucene
    Jakarta ORO
    Jakarta Struts
    Jakarta Taglibs
    Java Advanced Imaging ImageI/O API
    Java Advanced Imaging
    Java API for XML Parsing
    Java XML Parser
    Java XSL Transformations
    JavaBeans Activation Framework
    Jaxen XPath implementation
    JDBC Connection Pool
    JSTL 1.0 Implementation
    Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC
    MySQL JDBC Driver
    Oracle 9i JDBC Thin Driver
    POP3 Provider
    PostgreSQL JDBC Driver
    Regular Expressions for Java
    SAP DB JDBC Driver
    SAXON XSLT processor
    Sybase JDBC Driver
    Xerces Java Parser
    XML Parser for Java

  15. --quote---
    The actual proposed cost is: "24 Euros (30.36 US Dollars, 16.60 UK Pounds)
    per year translating to 2 Euros per month (2.53 US Dollars, 1.38 UK Pounds),
    a very insignificant rate considering the competition.". Perhaps a little expensive for Americans given the state of the dollar but pretty good for the rest of the world. :-) <--- That's a big smiley!!!

    not to whine but.. unfortunately, "the rest of the world" outside europe and america is a 3rd world country. if its expensive for americans how much more for the "rest of the world"