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    Novell has continued to invest in open source software by joining Eclipse. They support Eclipse as a way to deliver a common tooling strategy for Novell developers going forward and to provide a consistent platform for building, testing and debugging applications across the Novell product line.

    Novell to Join Eclipse

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    And no mention whatsoever of the Mono Project in the article. This is another cold shoulder for the proposed .NET open source competitor to Java, and doesn't bode too well for it. Why mention this on a Java site? I guess because it's gotten some ink on TSS over the last couple of days.
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    I don't understand what you're talking about. What is the relation between Novell and Mono? Why should it have been mentioned? It seems to me this article is a valid candidate for TSS because Eclipse is a widely used Java-oriented IDE.

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    Novell owns Ximian. Ximian is the driving force behind Mono which tries to port .NET to Linux. That's all. I don't see any connection with this news either. Some persons seem to read a lot between the lines, while I like to stick to the facts... Nice to see all these companies move to eclipse. I hope there will be an increasing demand for java and eclipse experts ;-)
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    A little bit of free association on my part. But since the most active thread on this forum in the last week was partially centered on Mono (see "Opinion: Porting between Java and C#") and Mono is frequently mentioned on TSS, albeit weakly, as the .NET answer to competing with Java on Linux, I made the comment that I did. In other words, it was an insight into the state of a possible competitor to Java on Linux

    There. That explains that.
  6. It looks like it is Novells strategy to have a common IDE for many of their offerings. This does not exclude Mono, even if it is not mentioned here. I think it is a great movement of Novell to join Eclipse and hopefully contribute to the evolvement of this environment.

  7. Friend,

    This is brand war, now we are in mindset world, Java team do it wel, this make Java stronger. Mono team want to collaborate with Java, :) Mono team must work with Microsoft for this, but.. :) with Eclipse. We know .NET is competitor of Java, and .NEt will more valuable if can run on top of free thing, such as Linux, Ximians do it for Linux, by creating Mono.

    So, is there a benefit for Mono, if Novell join Java? Can we say like this. Is Novell is a leader? so he can create something that control the world? Sun did, Sun is Java creator and fasilitator, now Java is community product, we own it.

    When will they (Novell, Ximians) do it for us.
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    I don't get it. What is the point of 'joining eclipse'? I mean, anyone can contribute to the codebase, member or not. Anyone can write plugins, member or not. From what I've seen, technical decisions are made by the active developers (mostly from IBM). The members aren't even contributing financially.

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    /** @see BorlandEclipseSupport */
    public class NovellEclipseSupport implements SupportEclipseInterface {
       public void supportEclipse() {
          // todo: do we really need this?
          throw new NotImplementedException();