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    The really poor rendering of this site using Mozilla 1.6 is becoming irritating. I would point out the major issues but I fear nothing will be done.

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    LOL. With Mozilla 1.5 was worse. Now (with 1.6) at least the layout renders ok. But still, there are other issues, like on a long thread, after a few replies, the "mark as noisy", "post reply" and "go to top" images are not aligh corectly.

    But this could be Mozilla's fault. :)

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    Moz 1.6 looks great on TSS if you retract the sidebar and go to full screen mode (1024X768). Otherwise, the AD splits the header area and send the trailing adge of the main logo below itself. The pages run far to the right also. And the online books are not downloading. Maybe this is Mozilla's fault also? Couldn't be the web designer.
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    And I just had a look at TSS in IE6. and I see it has nice fancy rollovers for the main icons, which don't work in Mozilla 1.6. Does the phrase "Cross browser issues" still mean anything any more?
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    I'm using 1.5 on Fedore Core 1 with no problems (rollovers, layouts, etc.) - except for the really tiny fonts in these fora. But I wear bifocals, so... ;D
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    I am using Mozilla 1.6 on Windows XP and don't have any of the problems described here. The only issue I have is when I change the font-size; then everything looks terrible. But the image roll-overs and page layout at normal font-size work fine.