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    erm, i currently new for using this ejb.. so i wan to ask how to connect the ejb to the database? or maybe can show me the url for any related links? thank you.. ;)

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    Read any tutorial about "datasources". That will do.
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    The way of using databases with EJBs is specific to the application server. You should look for information for the application server that you are using. For example, if you are using JBoss with Oracle, there are two files: login-config.xml and oracle-service.xml in which you have to specify the URL for the database server and also the username and password for the database.
      If you want more information you should give us some details about the application server you are using and the database server you are using and there might be someone here able to help you.

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    thanx for the advice.. i think i'll refer to that site..

    erm, now my project i'm using jsp as web server, and using oracle as the database server.. so, got any suggestions which can help me for this? thanx very much.. :D