Interview: IBM's Grady Booch on solving complexity


News: Interview: IBM's Grady Booch on solving complexity

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    Grady Booch was interviewed just before his EclipseCon keynote this week. He talks about solving grid computing, the future of middleware, and working with IBM Research.

    Some questions from the interview

    Grid computing looks to be an important piece of IBM's On Demand initiative, technically speaking. What input are you having there in terms of shaping and directing the overall effort?

    What you mean when you say "solving complexity by raising the level of abstraction"?

    With so much focus on Linux and open source code in general, what has impressed you the most in that space technically? What do you think the biggest contributions to programming have been?

    What do you see as the future of middleware? Is it an endangered species, not just through commoditization but through the competitive efforts of Sun and Microsoft, who say it has little value to corporate shops?

    With so much attention paid to lower and mid-range-environments, is there anything interesting going on in large systems programming right now?

    Everyone is focusing on Java vs. .Net. What are some of the more interesting things people might be missing out there?

    Read the Grady Booch interview

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  2. Great interview![ Go to top ]

    Really great interview, thanks for the info!

    I wonder a bit why didn't the interviewer ask about MDA. At least he was talking about higher abstraction level, which is IMO already available right now with MDA ;-)