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    Hi all,

     We have found problems when we have changed the JRE, going from 1.3.1_03 to 1.3.1_10, used by an Oracle 9iAS 9.0.3 server.
      After changing the JDK, suddenly the datasources are not visible inside the EJBs.

      We compile in Windows environment using JDK 1.3.1_02.
      May the different versions of JDK be a problem? Is it important to compile with the same JDK version than the JRE version that is going to execute the classes?

      Thanks a lot...

         Jose R. Díaz

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    If you switched from a JRE embedded in the server to a JRE of your own, it is possible that you are missing addition JRE files and settings added by Oracle. Check the jre/lib/ext directory of Oracle's JDK to see what's there.
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    Thanks for your reply, Paul....

    But there was nothing interesting in lib/ext inside the JVM directory. In fact, that directory does not exist.

    But that´s an interesting point... Might you have any other clue? :(
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    Well ... it is possible that Oracle hacked the rt.jar or some other core library when they set up the JVM. As a rule, I avoid altering the JVM used by any of the commercial servers; they do strange things to the JVM in order to squeeze out every last drop of performance they can get.

    I have not worked with Oracle myself, but I have had similar issues with Websphere. I would leave the server's JVM alone. In my experience, though, it is not a requirement to compile you code with the exact same JVM, only one with the same major version number.
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    Dear Jose
       When you change the JRE/jdk on 9.0.3 server ,you need to copy all the files from the existing $ORACLE_HOME/jdk/jre/lib/ext/ to the new JDK's /lib/ext directory.
    Also the oracle's security configuration have to be added in to jdk/jre/lib/security/ as

    May be you can try these options,because we've been successful in changing the JDK versions in 9.0.3

  6. how can we change the jre version of oracle 10g application server. currently it is using jdk 1.4.x but i need to change it to jdk 1.5.x.