First Java IDE with full support for JDK 1.5 available


News: First Java IDE with full support for JDK 1.5 available

  1. CodeGuide 6.1 is the first IDE that fully supports the J2SDK 1.5 beta and all new language features. CodeGuide also includes refactoring to easily convert sourcecode to make use of the new language features. The bytecode produced by CodeGuide's internal compiler is compatible with JDK 1.4 even if the new language features are used.

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  2. Goods & Bads[ Go to top ]

    This is what I call pseudo bullshit. Yea it's the first, but IDEA is almost out too.

    Now, there are some things it has I wish were part of IDEA. Some of these are in WSAD and JBuilder as well:
    - Incremental on-the-fly compilation in the background (cool!)
    - Refactoring
    - Intelligent java syntax and grammer sensing for auto-completion and "intentions"
    - Many of the rest of the features seem to mimic Intellij IDEA.

    This is pretty cool for a first start, but this is version 6? For roughly the same price, you can considerably more. IDEA is the way to go.
  3. Some corrections[ Go to top ]

    Yea it's the first, but IDEA is almost out too.

    Well. The most current IDEA EAP builds do not fully support the new 1.5 language features and IDEA 4.0 will not include full support Java 1.5 language features when it comes out either.

    See for details.

    > Many of the rest of the features seem to mimic Intellij IDEA.

    Of course just as in any other industry only good ideas prevail. But if you had actually bothered to check who invented what first you might have found out that IDEA probably owes as much to CodeGuide as vice versa.

    -- Hans
  4. Give CodeGuide a chance[ Go to top ]

    I've been an extremely happy CodeGuide user for years. I come from Visual Slickedit which I used mainly because CodeGuide was too immature at the time. When IDEA came out I used it for a while until CodeGuide 5 came out. It has been providing support for generic types ever since then! All the way through refactoring, code completion, etc. Their internal compiler is great and really does the job very well. The generated bytecode is fully backwards compatible with prior JDK releases, even when using enhanced for loops, enum or generics. That more than even can be said about the 1.5 beta 1 release. Maybe IDEA will have some support for 1.5 features, CodeGuide has had it for more than a year. Guess which one I choose ... the stable and tested one.

    My main gripe currently with CodeGuide is that it lacks a plugin api, so it's impossible to extend nicely. They're working on that though and it should be available in a next release.

    What I love most about CodeGuide is that they really continue to deliver features for experienced developers and don't extend into any fluff wizards, gui composers, etc etc. The interface is very stripped down (sometimes a bit too much, but hey) and behind it lies some awesome power. You should check out the latest preview which has a true back-in-time debugger that's fully integrated. Another great aspect of this IDE the company behind it: Omnicore. They're a small company, but they're extremely responsive. I always get immediate answers to questions and comments, they're very active in their own forum and issuetracker, and when there are problems or bugs they do the impossible to track them down. If you have problems to isolate a bug they'll even wade through an entire repository of your project's sources or download it from a SCM system if you allow them. A while ago they even sent me custom builds (!!) to quickly fix some annoyances and lately they try to help me (only me) who uses it sometimes under LinuxPPC with the IBM JDK (this system is totally unsupported officially though).

    IDEA might be on its way to be the leader in the IDE world, that doesn't mean that there's no place for other IDEs that focus on other directions.
  5. Give CodeGuide a chance[ Go to top ]

    Will give CodeGuide a chance but "..IDEA is on its way to be a leader..." is a little extreme statement.

    Eclipse, as its name suggest, is also a top contender :-)
  6. Re: Goods & Bads[ Go to top ]

    I'm a very happy IDEA user, but if there's one thing that I regret not being available is JDK 1.5 support. IDEA supports the generic syntax that was presented in the early access 2.0 "extending java with generics" compiler -- which is completly outdated by now.

    Also, Amethyst (CG early access release) debugger is a true jewel: back in time debugging and individual expressions (as opposed to whole line) highlighting and stepping are features that IDEA lacks.

    CodeGuide also offers a very simple yet powerful project configuration. IDEA used to offer it as well, but with the 4.0 release project configuration in IDEA is now a complicated beast (albeit VERY powerful). Overall, I like CodeGuide very much for it's simplicity and obvious features. IDEA is somewhat far ahead in true usability, features and customizing, however. I'm sticking with it, for now.
  7. What is right IDE?[ Go to top ]

    i do not think we all can aggree that one IDE is the best and it does not make sense as everybody has their unique or even slightly so different needs - andit owuld be boring if everybody was forced to use one tool anyway ...

    for me CodeGuide meets *almost* perfectly my needs (and exceeds what i thought is possible compared to time when 10 years ago i discussed endlessly what is needed to write good C++ code ..). CG is an intelligent assisant that instead of requiring me to switch between creative work/editing/coding/compilation blends it all otgether so i can stay in "zone" when programming - CG stays in background, does not interfere with process of writing (no stupid popups, need to press compile now key etc) instad it shows by underscoring what is validated and incrementally compiled.

    having full JDK 1.5 support is just an icing over the cake. and the same for back-in-time debugging ...
  8. Eclipse plugin also available[ Go to top ]

    Found this looking through the Eclipse devgroup archives for a 1.5 plugin:

    Works quite well. Not perfect but functional.