Encryption Framework for Enterprises & Bouncy Castle Updates


News: Encryption Framework for Enterprises & Bouncy Castle Updates

  1. There have been some updates in the world of encryption. Firstly, the Encryption Framework for Enterprises v3.3 was released, which provides a cross-platform development framework to automate, secure, standardize and scale the use of encryption throughout an organization.

    The Encryption Framework for Enterprises™ (EFE) solves the many problems faced by routine in-house encryption development by providing an abstraction layer between the application and cryptographic tool-sets to automate, standardize and provide a scalable encryption solution.

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    The Legion of the Bouncy Castle has released version 1.22 of the Bouncy Castle Java Cryptography API. "The API is an open source, clean-room implementation of the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE). It supports X.509 certificates, PKCS12, S/MIME, CMS, PKCS7, and lots of other juicy acronyms. It also includes its own light-weight crypto API that works in Java 1.0 and later, and does not depend on the JCE. Version 1.22 adds support fo El Gamal and fixes bugs. Download it while it's still legal."

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    I had a project that required GnuPG, but there are no native Java implementations of it (that I could find). I ended up calling the GnuPG using Runtime and Process classes and writing a stream gobbler thread class to deal with input and output streams.