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News: Sybase EAServer 5.0 Released

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    Sybase has announced the availability of Sybase EAServer 5.0. EAServer integrates J2EE 1.3, secure Enterprise Web services, C/C++, PowerBuilder and COM. New features in the 5.0 release include: configurable caching and load-balancing options, new user wizards, secure enterprise Web services, and more.

    From the press release:

    "Based on its open architecture, Sybase EAServer 5.0 can power numerous Web sites, portals or Internet applications. It allows access from browsers and wireless devices, and can execute secure enterprise Web services that help organizations react rapidly to changing business conditions. New features in Sybase EAServer 5.0 enable:

        * Industry-leading performance — Fully configurable caching and load-balancing options provide enterprise-level performance while maintaining full data integrity
        * Easier install and configuration — New-user wizards make standard setup and configuration quick and easy
        * Lower risk — Support of J2EE, PowerBuilder, C/C++ and CORBA components means costly and risky rewrites of existing systems can be avoided
        * Enhanced business agility — Secure enterprise Web services can be built or assembled quickly and easily

    End users can leverage Sybase EAServer’s advanced J2EE 1.3 capabilities to more rapidly develop and deploy new business services and capabilities to their customers. With “Write Once, Run Anywhere™“ portability, customers can easily leverage these new applications and services into a wide range of existing environments that support J2EE."

    Read the press release: Sybase EAServer Allows Customers to Break Out of Vendor Lock-In

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  2. Market share?[ Go to top ]

    What's the current market share for EAServer?
    says it was 4% in March 2002.
  3. Whats the market share of a Ferarri[ Go to top ]

    rather drive one than a mondeo
  4. Sybase EAServer 5.0 Released[ Go to top ]

    New version and J2EE 1.3, Power Builder and COM. Something is deeply wrong here :(.
    I tought 1.4 is the current version of J2EE, Power Builder is legacy and COM ? Does anybody remembers COM, is that some old, proprietary, over-overcomplicated desktop component model retrofited for enterprise use by adding a letter D at the begining?
  5. No actually current implemented version for production is J2EE 1.3.
    (WebSphere 5, WebLogic 8)

    J2EE 1.4 is just a final draft, and only 3 vendors has a preview version of there product. Sun, of course, IBM (websphere tech preview for developers) and ... I don't remember the third one. Sorry ;-)

    I guess that's why EAServer 5.0 is only 1.3 compliant (and not 1.4)

    In addition of being J2EE 1.3 compliant, Sybase EAServer offers the possibility to deploy PowerBuilder, C/C++ and DCOM components. This exist since the beguening of this application srver, when its name was Jaguar CTS... (ah... good old days..)
  6. the third J2EE 1.4 preview[ Go to top ]

    Just to solve the mistery the other J2EE 1.4 preview server out there is Oracle's Application Server

    And for market share numbers a more recent survey is :
  7. the third J2EE 1.4 preview[ Go to top ]

    I think Oracle 10g is J2EE 1.3 compliant (but can use jdk 1.4, just like the others).

    the third one is....Tmax Soft
  8. Nope..

    > I think Oracle 10g is J2EE 1.3 compliant (but can use jdk 1.4, just like the others).

    Check it again, the production is 1.3 but for sometime now we had a preview of a J2EE 1.4 release at:
  9. From Oracle WebSite about Oracle 10g:
    "It exposes new features including a subset of J2EE 1.4 functionality [...]"

    A subset is not a compliance. And until now, Oracle 10g is not mentionned in the J2EE 1.4 App server by Sun (

    But I'm sure it will sooner or later.
  10. Sybase EAServer 5.0 Released[ Go to top ]

    Just to set the record straight, PowerBuilder cannot be simply dismissed as "legacy". PowerBuilder 9 has an impressive list of features, and version 10 is now in beta.

  11. Dean, Kucinich and Sybase EAServer need to get out of the race. Your finished.
  12. one reply ever?[ Go to top ]

    another mondeo driver.
  13. hmm[ Go to top ]

    Your from Oracle right?
  14. Randy Spears: Dean, Kucinich and Sybase EAServer need to get out of the race. Your finished.

    Yes, public participation in politics and markets is bad. My suggestion is that we should only have one candidate from each party to start with, then much less money will be wasted on advertising during the primaries. In fact, we should just get rid of one of the two political parties while we're at it.

    As far as application servers go, how dare Sybase try to support their customers and improve their products. They should have predicted their own eventual demise and never incorporated in the first place. In fact, the mothers of the Sybase founders should have avoided getting pregnant, knowing that there was no point for their children to even be born.

    BTW Are you really Randy Spears? The Randy Spears? Too cool.


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