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    Hi All:
    I am involved in a B2B project where one of the components of the project involves transferring XML documents exchange between two companies.

    The obvious choice is to transport the XML documents over https. I am interested in looking at real world implementation how this was done.

    1) I am interested as to how people are doing this with security on. (e.g authentication/authorization and session time outs).
    2) How do I upload the XML files to the second site.
    3) How do I "pull" the XML files from the second site.
    4) Where do vendors like webMethods fit into the architecture?

    I am using XML/Java/Servlet on my side, but cannot mandate this on everysite that wants to do business with my site.

    I would like to start a discussion in best practices and advice, war stories :-), things to avoid on B2B/XML communications.

    Thanks very much in advance.
     Sunil .K

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    Hi ,
       I think you are on the right track.


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    You should also consider some of the B2B products out there. I am solving a very similar problem using webMethods B2B Enterprise Server software which provides capability for doing HTTPS between two webMethods servers with "guaranteed delivery" and other similar features.
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    Hi Sunil,

    Have you got the solution to this? I'm facing the same problem as you. Can you share the answers below? Thanks.

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    Just to kick-off this discussion again!!! I'm facing the same problem and would like to get some answers.