How do we force a refresh in a frameset?


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    I have two frames, one of them is the navigation frame, and the other is the content frame. To have the navigation bar works correctly, the content frame have to be invoked first, as I need to remeber which is the current page, then display the tab of the current page in different color. Just wondering if there is any way to force a refresh on the navigation frame right after the content frame is invoked.

    Or, is that any other better way to handle this?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello,

    If you just want to refresh the contents of the navigation frame after the content frame gets loaded then you write a java script funtion say reloadNavigationFrame() in the content frame. This function should be called on page load ie., <body onLoad="reloadNavigationFrame()"> </body>

    Finally the function reloadNavigationFrame() should contain the code parent.navigationFrame.localtion.reload(). Where navigationFrame is whatever the name that you have given for the navigation frame.

    Then the navigation frame gets refreshed.

    But you mentioned that you want to display the tab in high light mode depending on the page selected. That means you need to pass additional information to the page in navigation frame using some request parameter.

    Then the function code should be something like

    Ravi Sankar Pabbati
    GE India
  3. Refresh a JSP page....[ Go to top ]

    I have a JSP page that is a frameset that have three jsp Pages in three frames, like this:

    <frameset rows="105,100%,120" frameborder="NO" border="0" framespacing="0">
    <frame src="header.jsp" name="topFrame" id="content1" scrolling="NO" noresize/>
    <frame src="body.jsp" name="mainFrame" id="content2" scrolling="yes"/>
    <frame src="footer.jsp" name="bottomFrame" id="content3" scrolling="NO" noresize/>

    When I run Tomcat pointing to the app index, Tomcat show me only the header.jsp frame, but if I refresh the browser, show me the footer.jsp, I'm still refreshing and show me all the pages.
    Why happen this? Is Tomcat problem?
    Sorry for my poor english....