ObjectWeb Announces JORAM 4.0


News: ObjectWeb Announces JORAM 4.0

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    ObjectWeb has announced the release of JORAM 4.0, their 100% pure Java implementation of JMS. It is the first release of a new JORAM generation with new features and architecturing capabilities.

    This version introduces the following new functionnalities:

    * Collocated communication protocol: when a client and its JORAM server run collocated in a same JVM, they may now communicate through a "local" optimised connection rather than a TCP connection. This feature will highly impact the use of JORAM with JOnAS for example, when set as collocated.

    * Distributed JNDI server: this latest version of JORAM's naming server may now be deployed on many JORAM servers, so that naming information is accessible from multiple points. Client applications do not depend anymore on a single central JNDI server.

    * Universal JMS bridge: JORAM may be configured for establishing a link to any JMS compliant foreign JMS provider. This feature allows JORAM client applications to actually communicate with foreign JMS destinations totally transparently.

    Pay a visit to the JORAM site for more info: http://joram.objectweb.org
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    I thought JORAM 4.0 will support Apache's Axis for their HTTP-based implementation, why you still are using the older SOAP project? Usually SOAP implementations have lower performance compared to their XML-RPC counterparts, so it's the least you can do to support a fast SOAP implementation.