Sun Microsystems Inc and BEA Systems Inc are still not in any hurry to join the Eclipse Consortium, despite the fact founding member IBM Corp's influence is being diminished by the creation of a new membership and governance structure.

Sun and BEA are among a number of vendors who have cold-shouldered Eclipse, choosing instead to back a similar project initiated by Sun, the recently established Java Tools Community.

Both Eclipse and the JTC say they are trying to deliver open source development environments for Java, but there are fears that the rivalry between the two camps could lead to lack of interoperability between open source development tools.

Meanwhile, after IBM announced the new structure for its Eclipse project that would see it being just one of a 12-member board of representatives, Compuware Corp, which has so far chosen the JTC over Eclipse, told ComputerWire: "Eclipse has just become a whole lot more interesting to investigate." The company has yet to join but hinted it may well do so shortly.