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    WE are working on a web project based on Tomcat 4.1.29 Web server and MySql4 database server. Struts framework is utilized and using tomcat's datasource common-dbcp 1.1.
    Would it be scalable enough to support maximum of 3000 to 4000 users load with moderate response time.

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    Sure, but it also depends on more than just what youve said. It'll depend on hardware, networking (to the database), configuration, tuning your connection pool, that sort of thing.

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    It also depends on how much data you are storing per session. I am assuming you are going to be running multiple tomcat instances.
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    Hi ,

    Wht is the no of cncurrent user? If it is go beyon 400 in Tomact,
    t will hit the performance...

    Anyway, u can go for will definitely improve ur

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    well I am running it on Dell PowerEdge 4600 (Dual Processor), 400 seems to be non-appropriate. But should i deploy it to some other open source/commercial web/application server. I want to avoid clustering for some reasons.

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  6. I work on an application that has 500 users, but on average we only have 1 concurrent page request! Concurrent page requests is a more important measure than number of users and number of concurrent sessions (assuming you have enough memory for the sessions).

    JAMon is free, simple and measures performance and concurrency stats. It can be found at