do i need entity bean in my case


EJB design: do i need entity bean in my case

  1. do i need entity bean in my case (2 messages)

    hai freinds,

    i our project we are getting all the presentation GUI values which are stored in database and we have to retreive the records from database and display them in jsp page. now is it better to retrieve the records by using a sessionbean or sessionbean accessing the entity bean.

    with regards
  2. hai,
     use the sessionbean with query.suppose if u use the sessionbean with entity bean u will get the low better to use session bean only.

    ram Mannam
  3. hai freind,

    in case i use entity bean , what i have to write in the primary key class. i have two tables with primary key as follows...

    category_id in category
    category_id ,subcategory_id in subcategory

    with regards